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1) Are you Returning to Your Home Culture for a Year or More?

RW_white_backgroundDo you want to return well? You can. Returning Well is a customizable resource designed with the transitioning servant in mind. It creatively leads you through the process of a debriefing that leads to renewal so that you may be fully released to uniquely and wholeheartedly love and serve your Creator in the season of life following re-entry. Find out more (including individual and bulk purchasing options) at


I just used this book this past week to plan reentry and debriefing for personnel returning from Bosnia. Good stuff.

2) TESOL Training for a Platform for Ministry

Get your TESOL training at Asia’s Center for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), 4 January – 5 February and 22 February – 25 March 2016. They conduct intensive, five-week courses for a comprehensive TESOL certificate. For the first three weeks the classes are Monday-Friday, 8-4. For the last two weeks, the classes are 8-12, followed by a two-hour practicum in the afternoon or evening. This totals 120 hours in class and 20 hours of practicum (10 hours observing and 10 hours teaching). Contact Melody for application forms or more information:
infothaiatactesoldotcom or see


for more prices and other information.

4) Free Financial Guidance for Families in Ministry/Mission

John is a licensed financial services professional, who has served as a missionary for nearly 20 years. He understands the financial challenges of those in ministry and is passionate about showing families how to be better stewards of their money. He is offering a complimentary financial review to help you reach your goals and to maximize your financial investments. John and his team of advisors work for one of the most reputable financial services companies in North America and are happy to serve you. Learn more at…


Email John at
jharrilldotwfgatgmaildotcom to get started.

6) Need Debriefing? International Care announces 2016 dates

Are you returning from a season of serving cross-culturally? Does someone you know need to get a full debriefing scheduled? International Care has just announced the dates for 2016 for their all-inclusive one-week long Debriefing & Revival events. Read more about it at


The dates are: February 7-13, April 10-16, June 5-11 and October 23-29. Whether single, married, or a family with children, this is a personalized program in which you will be revived, recharged and ready for a successful transition.

8) Your Opportunity to Reach Thai University Students

Are you looking for an opportunity to reach Thai university students for Christ? Or do you need a place to do your TESOL internship for Bible school? Come check out The Centre where they teach english, and other skills that students might be interested in to university students in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are praying for more teachers to fill all the classrooms, and corresponding students to go with them (1:00-7:00pm weekdays). They want to have an impact on several campuses in our area, and on Chiang Mai, and on Thailand. For more information, contact


or 088-258-1015.


9) Global Mobility Survey

Sarah is a Third Culture Kid who grew up living in America and Taiwan. She’s now working on a PhD in Counseling Psychology and researching experiences of moving to different places and adjusting to them. She’s developing a survey tool to measure how much “global mobility” someone has experienced. A survey like the one she’s developing will pave the way for more research to be done about the impact of living a globally mobile life.

Sarah needs participants who are age 18 or older, and who have all different levels of global mobility. So if you’ve moved around a lot or a little or not at all, Sarah needs you to take her online survey. It will take about forty minutes. All responses will be anonymous. If you are willing, click on the link below.


Thank you! And let Sarah know if you have any questions.

10) Anyone Ever Hear of Hesperian’s Short-term Training Program?

We’re always on the hunt here at Brigada for good training options for short-termers. This past week, we heard of a training program by Hesperian, the organization responsible for “Where There Is No Doctor.” They apparently offer a free training program called, “Good To Go,” but we haven’t been able to learn much about it. Apparently all you have to do is write,
We’ve written for more info and will report back. Feel free to check it out if you’re in the market.

12) We’re Fascinated by the 24/7 Prayer Community

Ever since the Moravians, we’ve been fascinated with the concept of ‘hourly intercession,’ or 24-7 prayer. To catch the way it links with missions, watch this 2-minute podcast deal they prepared for advent a year or two ago…


If you like it and you want to catch the whole series, see it at…


13) We’re Grateful…

… to the enduring community of faith at Asbury United Methodist Church in Tulsa, OK, who just sent $200 and a thank-you note for Brigada’s ministry for the sake of Jesus Christ and the hope he offers unreached peoples. Thank you Asbury!!!
… to the sister in California who gave $30 this past week, because she loves Brigada in conjunction with her ministries of prayer and church planting in Indonesia.
… to the brother in Foster City, CA, who sent $100 to Brigada this past week because he loves our emphasis on reaching unreached peoples in Christ’s name. He said, “Please just keep doing what you do.”
… to the anonymous Brigada booster who sent $50 to help send Brigada ou to thousands of screens around the world every week, giving motivation, resources, and trends for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
… to the sister who sent $20 because she cares about unreached peoples.
… to the brother from St. Paul, MN, who sent $60 because he just wanted to encourage Brigada on its way. Thank you and God bless you!!!

At the end of Each year, we ask Brigada participants to chip in on the costs we incur to provide resources, motivation, information, and trends to Great Commission workers all over the world. We hold our requests to a reasonable amount. We’ve worked off of a budget of $17,120 annually for over a decade. This covers the costs associated with domains, email-sending services, light marketing costs, and a part-time assistant to help with compiling and publishing. Everything we do is associated with reaching unreached peoples. If your church, family, or business would consider chipping in, we’d be very grateful.
So far in 2015, Brigada fans have given $4761, including the most recent gifts above. This means we have $12,359 to go. That’s just 124 “True Fans” of Brigada who would each give $100 to make the year end well. Might you be one of the 124?

To help, just mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible. If you’d rather give online, just click “Donate” in the upper right corner at brigada.org .

14) Backpage: On Religious Fanatacism


Read more about the religious fanatics who took Aqsa’s life here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Aqsa_Parvez . They were her father and brother, who were convicted of the so-called “honor killing,” and are serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole until 2028. (She wouldn’t wear the head-covering supposedly required by her religion.)

We were thinking this past week… When is it ok to be a religious fanatic? One Brigada reader wrote, “I love Muslim people but not their culture. … My culture loves and respects women, and children; affirms love and forgiveness of even enemies; affirms tolerance; believes in democracy; is generous to all in need, even when not returned. Significantly, the Countries of my culture are the ones our Muslim cousins flee to, Countries of their culture are largely or completely closed. May we not be found wanting in love, as we seek to do the right, which is often not the easy or comfortable thing, may all we do and think bring joy to our King….”

We’re thinking that several people must be giving thanks this week for the fact that they have peace in their family. It is, after all, Thanksgiving season for those living in the USA. But for others, this week is not so peaceful. Others have lost loved ones even though they didn’t pick a fight. They’ve lost arms, legs, and futures. They’ve lost education, food, and clean water. They’ve lost homes, cities, and entire COUNTRIES to a struggle they don’t even understand.

Here in Louisville where I (Doug) live, we’ve befriended several Iraqi refugees. They fled Iraq when war flared up there, taking up a new in, of all places, Syria. I’m sure it looked like a good idea at the time. Looking back, not so much. Five years later, they were put on the ruyn again by yet another war they didn’t start. I recently visited a mosque with my son. We spoke with the lead imam there for 2 hours about global problems such as Iraq, Syria, and the Islamic State.

So we’re thinking today — when is it ok to be a religious fanatic? What might be a principle that would work for everyone? There’s only one dictum we’ve been able to conclude so far:

Religious fanatacism is always ok if it doesn’t cause hurt or harm to another. The only time it’s ok to harm another, is in self-defense, or taking the part of one who is unable to defend herself/himself.

What do you think of that principle? Is it one by which you could live? If so, how might we engage the world with this question and this answer?
Please click “comment” after the web version of this item. And, if you’re in a country celebrating Thanksgiving this week, may you have a most blessed and happy Thanksgiving, and may God be glorified in your life.

15) Closing Stuff

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