9) Andrew: How/Where Can we Help Syrian Refugees?

refugees1Andrew is a missions prof at a Bible college in the USA. He’s assembling a list of reputable agencies and individuals who are helping the surge of Syrian refugees. If you know of one, please click “Comment” after the web version of this item. If you would, please list just one link per comment (which allows your comment to appear instantly). We’ll start the list with the outreach featured at…


That team has committed that 100% of the funds given at that site will go directly to aid, with not a single dollar being taken out for administration. Where else would you recommend? (Thanks for asking, Andrew!)

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  1. Andrew Reply

    Lynn Mackenzie, JD
    Community Relations and Legal Services Fellow
    Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles
    Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Service (IRIS)
    3621 Brunswick Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
    (323) 667-0489 ext 128

  2. Dorothy Lacy Reply

    We have donated money for Syrian refugees to the ministry of Helping Hands in Athens, Greece. You can donate through http://www.macedonianoutreach.org/country_Greece.shtml and designate your gift to go to Helping Hands. They will forward 100% to this ministry that has been helping refugees for 24 years in Athens, the gateway to Europe.

  3. Janet D Reply

    Victims of War Project at Pioneers

  4. T K Reply

    OM is working specifically with refugees in many locations in the Near East, Greece, several Balkan countries and European receiving countries. See more on the website http://www.om.org and it will point to your country website.

    • Rob TAylor Reply

      Thanks, TK, you beat me to it. The workers in Greece are doing a great job, particularly.

  5. Julia Ciupek-Reed Reply

    Working directly with Syrian refugees in Lebanon, a country which has taken in more than 1.5 million of them. 20% of children in Lebanon are now Syrian refugees.

  6. Jim Barrett Reply

    Gifts to Syrian Refugee Relief #120130401 go directly to purchase food, blankets, mattresses and portable cook stoves for Syrian Refugees. No administration fees or other charges are taken form this account. Mail check to International Mission Board,P O Box 6767, Richmond VA 23230. Note Syrian Refugee Relief #120130401 on check or go to IMB.org – giving – special priojects – Syrian Refugee Relief to give online.

  7. Ed Kearn Reply

    HeartForLebanon.org – has worked with refugees in Lebanon since 2006, in recent years Iraqi refugees, and now predominantly Syrian refugees. Practical help (food, blankets, heaters), education and activities for children, and spiritual programs for men/women/children, sharing the love of Christ and the gospel. (I have been there 3 times with teams, helping out. They need funds, AND helping hands.)
    قلبنا مع لبنان

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