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2015-12-06 Brigada Today

WebCompiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion. Your gift to Brigada will help get motivation, resources, and news/trends out to thousands of Christian workers throughout the globe on a weekly basis. Search over 2 decades of weekly Brigadas using the search box below.


In this issue…

1) Only Three Brigada Editions Remaining in 2015
2) Get CASES of the next Mission Frontiers!
3) Learn Disciple Making Movement Principles a Chunk at a Time
4) LOGOS (Bible software) Wants to Win Your Vote
5) Reach Thai University Students AND learn TESOL
6) US State Dept. Will Stop Adding Extra Passport Pages
7) American missionary? How to Avoid ISRP Penalties
8) Stay “Well Connected” (the Book)
9) How to Discover if there’s a Pre-existing Network for Your UPG
10) Synergycommons.net is Like a Forum for Networkers
11) Speaking of New Year’s Resolutions… : Memorize the Bible?
12) Tech-Tactics: Redundant Communications Pathways
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The BackPage: What’s Getting in the Way?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Only Three Brigada Editions Remaining in 2015

3weeks2go1After today’s edition of Brigada, there are only 3 editions remaining in 2015. Would you consider giving the gift of Brigada to someone you might never meet? There are nearly 7,000 readers of the email version of Brigada (plus those who read the web version). Roughly half of those live outside the USA and Britain. Many live in contexts in which they will never have the chance to undergird Brigada’s weekly message of missions resources, trends, and motivation to fulfill the Great Commission. Your gift of $100 (or the amount you choose) will empower them with an entire YEAR of encouragement and being “in touch” with a world full of opportunities.

We’ve worked off of a budget of $17,120 annually for over a decade. This covers the costs associated with domains, email-sending services, light marketing costs, and a part-time assistant to help with compiling and publishing. Everything we do is associated with reaching unreached peoples. If your church, family, or business would consider chipping in, we’d be very grateful.

So far in 2015, Brigada fans have given $6486, including the most recent gifts below. This means we have $10,634 to go. That’s just 106 “True Fans” of Brigada who would each give $100 to make the year end well. Might you be one of the 106? Of course, the whole thing could be absorbed by one generous man, woman, or church — with one gift of $10,000.

To help, just mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible. If you’d rather give online, just click
“Donate” in the upper right corner at brigada.org .

2) Get CASES of the next Mission Frontiers!

2016_J-F_MF_cover_3_in_hOur friend Robby has again orchestrated a limited number of cases of Jan/Feb 2016 Mission Frontiers for your ministry use (about 80/case).
This issue provides a full treatment of CPM strategy (applicable to everyone), with special attention to how women can most effectively be involved. The theme is Women Engaged in Church Planting Movements among UPGs. Preview and request your copies here:


The suggested donation is just $80 to cover costs, but Robby will cover this for you if necessary. (Thanks Robby!)

By the way, Women have often been key to movements, especially in cultures oppressive to women (such as most of the Muslim world today). See Rebecca Lewis’ 2004 article:


Single women outnumber single men on the mission field 7 to 1, yet single and married women are often excluded from CPM training.

3) Learn Disciple Making Movement Principles a Chunk at a Time

The idea behind the 30-Day Challenge at…group-prayer


is that you’ll be able to pick up Disciple Making Movement principles and practices by investing just 5-15 minutes per day during a 30-day window. Once you’ve got them “down pat” for 30 days, you’ll find they’re like any new positive habit. Maybe Christmas break is the perfect time to launch a 30-Day Challenge. Try it. You can always unsubscribe at any time. Log on to MoreDisciples and sign up for the 30-Day Challenge today.

4) LOGOS (Bible software) Wants to Win Your Vote

logos_6Here’s your chance to snag a free month of Logos Cloud. You’ll have all of your favorite books on Christian living, comprehensive Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, commentaries, and more in an easily searchable digital format. Logos Cloud does away with endless page turning and dead­end searching. Plus, every six weeks you’ll get new updates, features, tools, and more. And guess what — there aren’t any contracts or fees. You can cancel at any time. If aren’t using Logos Cloud yet, get started with a free month today.


At that page, choose
“Essentials” (for everything from daily devotions to leading a Bible study group)
“Plus” (to prepare a sermon or write your next paper) or
“Premium” (for advanced biblical study)
You can have a free month of any of the three. Take your pick. Either way, your materials will automatically be improved every six weeks minimum AND you can access via your desktop (Mac/PC), your mobile devices (iOS/Android), and in your web browser (beta). On top of that, you’ll be able to cancel at any time after the free month. So why not give it a try if you’d like to deepen your walk with the Word!?!

5) Reach Thai University Students AND learn TESOL

wwmt-picAre you looking for an opportunity to reach Thai university students for Christ? Or do you need a place to do your TESOL internship for Bible school? Check out The Centre where they teach english and other skills that students might be interested in to university students in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are praying for more teachers to fill all the classrooms, and corresponding students to go with them (1:00-7:00pm weekdays). They want to have an impact on several campuses in their area, and on Chiang Mai, and on Thailand! For more information, … thecentrecmatgmaildotcom, or 088-258-1015.

http://www.thecentrethailand.org .

7) American missionary? How to Avoid ISRP Penalties

Blue_man-can_we_helpIf you are a U.S. citizen or resident and came back to the USA for more than 35 days in 2015, according to Good Neighbor Insurance, you may be subject to penalties due to the IRS “Individual Shared Responsibility Payment” when you file your taxes. There are exemptions that apply. Good Neighbor Insurance has created a document that helps make all this understandable as well as link to all the pertinent government sites and resources. The free white paper, “The ACA Individual Mandate and Expatriates: International Health Insurance and Avoiding Fines From the IRS”


is available on


If you are on a group health insurance plan, the Individual Mandate does not apply to you or your family. If your January health insurance renewals seem high, Good Neighbor Insurance might be able to help you with that too. Call 866-636-9100 or Skype “Good Neighbor Insurance” from overseas.

9) How to Discover if there’s a Pre-existing Network for Your UPG

Suppose you’ve selected an unreached and/or unengaged people group for your team or church. What do you do next? One GREAT place to start is…save_image_of


Eldon, the guy behind this site, has pulled off a major deal here by creating a listing of global and regional networks, country networks, and issue specific networks as well. What’s more, if the particular network or conference has no public website, he’s volunteering to serve as a broker to vet identities to connect you with a particular network to learn more. Great stuff. Bravo Eldon.

10) Synergycommons.net is Like a Forum for Networkers

This past week at Finishing the Task, I heard some conversations about Synergy Commons. So I just visited and registered.


Looks like a place you’d want to go if you wanted to learn about and link up with others who wanted to finish the Great Commission. Joining was free — there was no “subscription” fee or entry fee. Looks like you can write, read, link, and love. Give it a try!

12) Tech-Tactics: Redundant Communications Pathways

world_pluggedWhat if one of your core communications pathways were suddenly yanked? Would you have options? This past week, I was following a discussion between the I.T. guy for our org (May God bless his name — and his wife and kids; thank you Greg) and one of our field workers in a sensitive land. Our I.T. guy was discussing “redudant mediums.” Now at first, I thought maybe they were talking about extra mind-readers, but very shortly, I realized Greg was actually recommending having communications options in case the bottom fell out of one pathway. For example, he recommended one pathway for an “alert” level message, and another pathway for the ‘main’ message. He gave several options, breaking down the security of each:

iMessage – Relatively high security for content (Apple potentially can read), Only Apple products, Only 9 participants in a group, medium metadata security to keep from linking people together, high traceback since everyone gets everything, difficult to see a summary, based on running conversation of IM style, high reliability of receipt with read notices
Skype – Medium to low security for content (MS can definitely read content, may give access to others), Wide availability of devices, high number of participants in a group, metadata security is expected to be low, high traceback since everyone gets everything, difficult to see a summary, based on running conversation of IM style, relatively high reliability of receipt
VSee – Pretty similar to Skype, with a touch higher security, since it only uses servers to establish contact, then goes device to device.
Threema – High security for content (encrypted inside app), Threema is only on mobile devices, IM platform, high metadata security, IM traceback, high reliability of receipt. Threema is here:


E-Mail – High to Low content security, high availability, high number of participants in a group, metadata security can be all over the board, high traceback, low conversation mode, summary reports are relatively easy
Hushmail – Relatively high content security, mobile can be tricky, high number of group participants, metadata security is fairly high, high traceback since everyone gets everything, low conversation mode, summary reports are relatively easy
Phone calls – Low security for content, Only phones, low participant group size, no metadata security, no traceback, summary consistency is difficult, high receipt reliability

One of my take-aways from all of this discussion was to make sure our workers have options. A laptop for email, Skype and VSee, a phone for texts and Skype, and in some cases in which the situation is particularly volatile, a third channel such as a satellite beacon (like the “Spot Messenger” service). As a result of all the above, if you’re a local church or agency, why not do an assessment of your workers’ options? If you’re a worker, maybe put a Spot Messenger on your Christmas list? : )

13) We’re Grateful for…

Give-thanks…Savannah Christian Church, who wanted to invest in Brigada because of the resources it provides to churches, cross-cultural workers, and recruits throughout the world. They believed enough in the vision to send an online gift of $1000. God bless you Savannah!!!
…Horizons International, the people behind Legacy, Engaging Islam Intensives, and Cubs to Lions discipleship, who sent $100 this past week. On the web at…


…the anonymous donors in Sioux Falls, SD, who sent $50. They added a note, “we are just so thankful for what you do!” God bless you for encouraging this work!
…Life Impact Ministries, Oasis Care, providing rest, retreat, and renewal for international workers and christian leaders. Optionally, they also provide coaching services. Thanks for sending $50. Learn more at…


…Good News Productions, International, accelerating global evangelism through media and technology, for their gift of $100. Learn more about their work at…


…a friend of Brigada in Plymouth, MN, who sent $50 this past week. God bless you’!
…and a worker with Pioneers who sent $50. We appreciate you!
…the folks at Hope Coffee, based in Dallas, TX, who sent $100. We hope many will help get the word out about your global ministry at…


…and a “True Fan” of Brigada who works for World Vision, who sent $100. This and all these gifts to Jesus Christ through Brigada were such an encouragement to our global ministry of distributing resources, motivation, and trends toward accelerating the fulfillment of the Great Commission!

14) The BackPage: What’s Getting in the Way?

rock_in_roadThis past week at the Finishing the Task conference in L.A. (which went very well, by the way), I heard a one-hour talk by Karin Primuth, of Vision Synergy.


She did a fantastic job in her session. As I read more about her work, and back-traced her sources, I came upon an article by her father. I had seen it before, but for some reason, it just leaped off the page at me this time.


When has any man summed up the hold-up in any more succinct and cutting-edge way? This article should be required reading for every mission strategist who cares about Matthew 28:19-20. Then, we should all pray hard that God gives us all wisdom regarding how to beat these 5 hold-ups:

1) Lack of Laborers
2) Lack of Effective Strategy
3) Lack of Unity within the Global Church
4) Prejudice
5) The Church is Unaware

Could you possibly begin making a difference on any of those five factors today? … this week… or in 2016?

*15) Closing Stuff

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