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2015/12/13 — Brigada Today

WebCompiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion. Your gift to Brigada will help get motivation, resources, and news/trends out to thousands of Christian workers throughout the globe on a weekly basis. Search over 2 decades of weekly Brigadas using the search box below.



In this issue…

1) Share this Christmas Amazon special: “Hastening” for $6!
2) Hear Phill on “Releasing the Power of Your Network” this Thursday
3) Reserve cases of “Stubborn Perseverance” at pre-publication $5/book
4) Your Voice Counts – Global Working Trends Survey
5) Two New Resources for Those Interested in Helping Migrants
6) In View of ISIS, What’s the Right Question to Ask?
7) Do you Feel Defensive when People Question Your Approach?
8) Get the Latest from the High Commission on Refugees about Syria
9) Wondering how this Wave of Refugees Began?
10) Mix up Your Bible Reading this Christmas…
11) This Christmas, The Gospel of John from a Jewish Perspective
12) Where do you go for News? Check out the O’Donnells’ Sources
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) What does the Bible Say About Refugees?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Share this Christmas Amazon special: “Hastening” for $6!

Hastening_FrontCover_FINALSteve Smith’s “Hastening,” like David Platt’s earlier “Radical,” is stirring church and mission leaders to encourage its widespread circulation. And just in time for Christmas! If you’re already enrolled in Amazon Prime, you can get Hastening for $6 through this special link:


(Remember, the special is only good in Amazon Prime and it doesn’t work with one-click purchasing.) Use coupon code NPL0699H for the special pricing. Or order 4 for the price of 2: $31.90 (normally $63.80) No coupon code needed!

Note that you can still get the “Mission Influencer” case of 32 books for $192 (normally $512) which ships directly from the printer to U.S. addresses for free. Spread vision giving them away, or sell them to fund your ministry.


2) Hear Phill on “Releasing the Power of Your Network” this Thursday

This Thursday, Synergy Commons will present a Webinar, Dec 17, 2015, 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UTC, featuring Senior Strategic Advisor and visionSynergy founder, Phill Butler. He will present on the topic, “Releasing the Power of Your Network: Making the Impossible Possible!” Phill is a long-time advisor and mentor to hundreds of global leaders and networks. He brings a lifetime of practical, field-based experience and expertise. To attend the 70-minute webinar, register (free) at


Click the email activation link to confirm your registration. Then log in and sign-up for the webinar at


3) Reserve cases of “Stubborn Perseverance” at pre-publication $5/book

stubborn perseverance“Stubborn Perseverance” is the true-to-life story of a church-planting Kingdom movement, written to inspire and equip you, in partnership with others, to pursue God for such a movement in your own context. I (Doug) have seen this book in pre-publication form and it infuses a ton of foundational learning into a real-life chronicle of value to practitioners everywhere. Preview this great CPM training tool for yourself here:

Request a free review PDF:

Reserve cases at the pre-publication price of the $5/book:

4) Your Voice Counts – Global Working Trends Survey

Culture Voyager has launched a new study, “Global Working Trends,” and they need your help. The purpose of this study is to help organizations determine what is working in preparing people to work abroad. To provide an accurate picture of what is working, they need a large number of organizations to fill out this survey. At the close of the survey, all participants will receive a free copy of the findings. Who Should Take the Survey? If your organization has employees or volunteers living abroad, traveling internationally or interacting with people in other countries via email, phone or another means, they welcome your participation. You will need a basic familiarity with your organization’s international program in order to answer the questions. Take the survey at

5) Two New Resources for Those Interested in Helping Migrants

migrant crisisPatrick Johnstone and co-author, Dean Merrill, have come up with two new resources to help you sort your way through the wave of migrants sweeping our planet today. “Facts, Fears, and Faith in a Migrant Crisis” will help guide your response. Get it digitally for just $1.99.


Of course, if you pre-order their second book, Serving God in a Migrant Crisis, for $14.99, you will receive the first resource for free (along with another digital book coming out in January.

6) In View of ISIS, What’s the Right Question to Ask?

Matt Stone raises this issue in his editorial article for Zwemer,


He bypasses a political firestorm by suggesting that we are asking the wrong question. Do you agree with his assessment of the RIGHT question to ask? Please click “Comment” following the web version of this item to tell us your take on his approach.

7) Do you Feel Defensive when People Question Your Approach?

difficult conversationsHere’s a book by Doug Stone that might help…


In fact, it might help — whether your are meeting with underperforming worker, disagreeing with a spouse, or negotiating with a government worker. Learn how to decipher the underlying structure of every difficult conversation, Start a conversation without defensiveness, listen for the meaning of what is not said, stay balanced in the face of attacks and accusations, and move from emotion to productive problem solving.

8) Get the Latest from the High Commission on Refugees about Syria

refugees_sicilyCatch the latest news/updates by the UNHCR on the wave of refugees coming out of Syria by reading…


They typically update it weekly. What you’ll learn there might shock you. For example, they’ve currently registered (officially) 4.4 million refugees from Syria. To put things in perspective, imagine a city the size of Madrid or Buenos Aires or Cape Town or Los Angeles suddenly deciding to evacuate en masse. All of those cities have WAY less population than the current wave of Syrian refugees who are REGISTERED, let alone those who haven’t registered properly yet.

12) Where do you go for News? Check out the O’Donnells’ Sources

Wow. I have to admit — when the O’Donnells read news, they read news. Sure, they go to sources like these…


and especially…




But they also visit…

http://www.euronews.com/ (in 12 languages, by the way)

http://www.livestation.com/stations (over 20 news stations here)

http://www.omniglot.com/links/news.htm (links to hundreds of sources)




Talk about reading the morning news! Thanks for this great short list of thousands of sources, Kelly and Michelle! (Learn more about their work at http://membercareassociates.org/ )

13) We’re Grateful for…

thank you christmas tree… a $50 encouragement gift from “Down Under,” which included a note, saying, “My wife and I have appreciated Brigada for many years.” God bless you for being such a faithful partner!
… a $50 gift from a Brigada participant in Westerville, Ohio. Thank you!
… a $100 encouragement gift from a “True Fan” in Canada. God bless you, eh? : )

Want to help speed Brigada on its way, providing resources, trends and motivation for fulfilling the Great Commission globally? Help 7000 email subscribers, plus plenty more via the web. There are now only two more Brigada editions remaining in 2015. Would you consider giving the gift of Brigada to someone you might never meet? Your gift of $100 (or the amount you choose) will empower them with an entire YEAR of encouragement and being “in touch” with a world full of opportunities.

We’ve worked off of a budget of $17,120 annually for over a decade. This covers the costs associated with domains, email-sending services, light marketing costs, and a part-time assistant to help with compiling and publishing. Everything we do is associated with reaching unreached peoples. If your church, family, or business would consider chipping in, we’d be very grateful.

So far in 2015, Brigada fans have given $6686, including the most recent gifts below. This means we have $10,434 to go. That’s just 104 “True Fans” of Brigada who would each give $100 to make the year end well. Might you be one of the 104? Of course, the whole thing could be absorbed by one generous man, woman, or church — with one gift of $10,000.

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“Donate” in the upper right corner at brigada.org .

14) What does the Bible Say About Refugees?

We’d like to form a biblical response to the question of what we should do about refugees. Would you help? Here are some scriptures that could relate to the question. Would you please read/study through them, then write your response in the comments following this item on the web? We’ll compile those responses into a compendium and make it available to churches and organizations interested in knowing how God instructs us to respond. Please feel free to refer to other scriptures too.

Psalm 107:1-8
Psalm 142
Psalm 146
Psalm 5:11
Matthew 25:34-40
Exodus 2:15-22
Acts 8:1-8
Acts 18:1-4
1 Samuel 23:9-16
Ruth 1:22 and 2:11-13

Thanks. Please make a note as to how we should refer to you in the compendium. Please be clear if you’d like a name, an email address and/or website to be included with your response. Thanks again.

*15) Closing Stuff

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