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2016/01/24 — Brigada Today

WebCompiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion. Your gift to Brigada will help get motivation, resources, and news/trends out to thousands of Christian workers throughout the globe on a weekly basis. Search over 2 decades of weekly Brigadas using the search box below.


In this issue…
1) Free Cases of Mission Frontiers on Starting Movements
2) How Should Christians Respond to Muslim Refugees coming to our Land?
3) Changing Times in Missions: Project Nomad
4) Automate your Handwritten Responses
5) New Subscription-based Short-term Trip Website Worth the Look
6) Book: “Now What? Spiritual Discernment for Cultural Encounters
7) “Screwtape 20/20 – The Gates of Hell” just Published
8) Direct Deposit Online Donations
9) Want to Speed up your Reading? Try this new Tech:
10) Send Out Cards Can Help you Expedite Personal Greetings
11) Get Oriented for Cross-cultural Work with TRAIN International
12) Maximize Your Ministry With Mobile
13) We’re Grateful…
14) The BackPage: What if we All Became Multiplying Disciples?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Free Cases of Mission Frontiers on Starting Movements

MF-Mar-Apr_2014-CoverThe upcoming Mar/Apr Mission Frontiers features five case studies of sending-base churches applying biblical movement principles to equip their members as “church-planting” missionaries to their families, relational networks and communities. This is a huge step in equipping and engaging local church members in evangelism, discipleship and church-planting, in reaching the internationals in our midst, and in preparing future missionaries to the unreached.

For those who would like to help get these into the hands of pastors and Christian leaders, a generous donor has arranged to offer 60 free cases shipped from the printer in late February to U.S. addresses (100 copies per case=a $400 value). Any surplus will be available mid-March, shipped in boxes of 60.

Preview the issue at


Reserve your quantity at


2) How Should Christians Respond to Muslim Refugees coming to our Land?

Moscow Grand Mosque

The Syrian war has displaced more than 4 million people, according to the UN refugee agency. “This is the biggest refugee population from a single conflict in a generation!” Governments everywhere are doing their best to absorb these numbers. How will we respond to the large numbers of Muslims refugees coming to our countries and those living in refugee camps? Hear more on this, along with possible solutions, by attending the Legacy 2016 Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Train at Engaging Islam Intensives Course in Boulder, Colorado. In addition, you can book an “Engage Course” at your church, Learn more about the Hope of the Nations Center in Beirut, Lebanon, study the problem of refugee children attending schools like School of Hope in Beirut, Lebanon. To learn more, browse to…


3) Changing Times in Missions: Project Nomad

Beginning in 2016, we hope to include a kind of “column” featuring changes in global missions. (There are scads.) One of the ways we’ll approach this topis is to share case studies of organizations who india_media-200are successfully navigating changes. One of those is Good News Productions International (Joplin, MO). GNPI was historically a studio-based org, complete with a huge uplink dish and a dorm which accommodated the “talent” who would come to Joplin to “film TV shows.” (Now the verb, “film,” is, in and of itself, somewhat obsolete.) Throughout the past decade, GNPI has been nimbly adapting to the times. Their Project Nomad is an example. Project Nomad prepares believers around the world to produce biblically based, culturally relevant media projects. These grassroots media teams are able to quickly identify cultural trends and to produce projects which have the maximum impact. Learn more about Project Nomad at…


Hats off to GNPI for contextualizing its approach to the times. May God keep empowering you to do so now and in the future.

4) Automate your Handwritten Responses

I know. It would be ideal if you could handwrite some thank-you notes to key supporters. But what if time is racing by, making it virtually impossible for you to do so. Tired of sending sterile thank-you cards and wishing there was a better way? Maybe there is. Let a robot hand write it and send it for you!


If nothing else — it’s an interesting concept! (Thanks for catching this, Caleb.)

6) Book: “Now What? Spiritual Discernment for Cultural Encounters

now_what_bookGary Green’s new book “Now What? Spiritual Discernment for Cultural Encounters,” fills an important gap (how to do effective debriefing after STM trips so that they “take” better”). If you’re headed somewhere short-term, this is the book to read once you get back! You can order via Amazon at


The book uses a mixture of reflection questions and Ignatian principles to help those who have had a cultural experience reflect on the past, internalize the effect and address the future.

7) “Screwtape 20/20 – The Gates of Hell” just Published

Ken Zulkosky has recently published a historical fiction novel, called “Screwtape 20/20 – The Gates of Hell.” Filled with references to CS Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters”, this thrilling book will keep you on your toes! Published by WestBow Press –


Here is the link to Amazon – available in Kindle as well!


8) Direct Deposit Online Donations

Anyone who receives online donations can do so with paying monthly services fees. BlueFire Donations uses military-grade encryption to receive online donations and have them directly deposited in your account, all without leaving your website. There are no per transaction fees, no API fees, no monthly fees of any kind. So to confirm — the costs are by percentage — a flat 3% for credit cards and 1% for EFT transactions. Go to …


to learn more.

9) Want to Speed up your Reading? Try this new Tech

Remember the old ads for the “Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course?” I think it might have been a couple of zany guys named Cheech and Chong? In fact, I’m just going to see if I can find that ad for you. [searching YouTube.] Yep. Found them:


Well — welcome to 2016… when there are REAL ways to speed up your reading. Check this out:


If you spend a lot of time reading missionary reports, just think how much extra time you’ll have now to do missionary work! : ) (Thanks to Greg, who picked up this tip from friend, “Dan Supporter.” : ) )

10) Send Out Cards Can Help you Expedite Personal Greetings

It’s been a few years, literally, since we mentioned SendOutCards.com . But, as Brigada participant, Brian, reminded us this past week, it really does make for an easy way to send a real card with any type of message. The cards are actually very fancy and on good quality paper. They actually look like a Hallmark! You can click a button, pick a category of card (condolence, thanks, holiday, etc), then pick from hundreds of nice looking designs, colors, pictures, quotes, etc, and they’ll print, address, stamp and mail it in an envelope. So global workers could use these for a great touch to send to a friend, family, or supporter who’s experienced a loss, a special milestone, or send them just something during the holidays. You can also have gifts sent, like chocolate, wine, brownies, etc. You only pay when you send a card. Otherwise, there are no fees. It’s $1.98 for most cards, which is the card, design, your customized fonts/font size and message inside, the addressed envelope and postage.


(There’s even an “affiliate” plan, if you’re in to that kind of thing, through which you can use it to make personal gain. We aren’t using that affiliate plan when we provide you the simple link above, but it might help you to START using it!)(Thanks for the reminder, Brian! And thanks for your work with TRAIN!)

12) Maximize Your Ministry With Mobile

The Mobile Ministry Online Course now includes new information to meet your learning needs and schedules. Mobile phones are essential for everyone and an entry for Kingdom advancement. The four-week on-line course starts February 9. The cost is $40. You will learn about the tools, apps, resources available and create your own plan for ministry. This course is offered through Mobile Ministry Forum and information and registration can be found at:


13) We’re Grateful…

… for First Evangelical Free Church of St. Louis County, in Manchester, MO, for being True Fans of Brigada and sending the first gift of the 2016 budget year! They empowered Brigada with a $100 gift to speed this edition of Brigada out the door and onto the screen of 7000 computers around the world (not counting others who will read print-outs or browse the web edition). Learn more about First E Free at…


(Wow. How did they ever get that URL?)

14) The BackPage: What if we All Became Multiplying Disciples?

This past week, we were pondering… what if every believer in Christ worldwide would become a disciple who multiplies? According to researchers, evangelical Christians add up to roughly 300 million believers in number. (See, for example, http://www.gordonconwell.edu/resources/documents/statusofglobalmission.pdf ) So if each believer made just one disciple per year, the entire globe woman studying-200would be won to Christ (assuming we trained new disciples to do the same) by the end of 2021, just 6 years from now.

How can we ratchet up our ability to multiply? One relatively easy way would be to invite everyone to take the 30-Day Challenge at


It’s actually kind of fun, takes an average of one hour per day (max), and is something you, your group, or your church could do together. You don’t have to order any books, you don’t need a satellite uplink, and you don’t have to wait until your church hits the 1,000 membership mark. You can start today and see results within days. You won’t be asked to join anything, you won’t receive any commercials or ads, and no one will call. Your personal information stays private and isn’t shared with anyone — and the only emails you’ll receive are the ones you sign up for. What’s more, you can easily unsubscribe at any time with one click. So… what are we waiting for? Time is clicking by. Sign up today at the link above. Then spread the word so you can start multiplying today!

15) Closing Stuff

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