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2016/04/17 — Brigada Today

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In this issue…

1) Olive Tree Offers Brigada Users Best Bible Study Bundle Ever
2) Another Great Site to Search for that Hard-to-Locate Book
3) Two More Titles for Your Five-Star Book Set on the Refugee Crisis
4) Need a Phone Overseas? Be Jealous of Your Friend with Verizon
5) Are You an Angry Cross-Cultural Worker?
6) Looking for a Free Alternative to Microsoft Word?
7) Hospitality Options for Missionaries
8) Help Your Missionaries Thrive: (The Book)
9) Train and Place Your Church Mission Team in 12 months
10) Catch this New 10-minute Video on Immigration
11) For Those Who Thrive on Bible Studies: The Longing in Me
12) This App Will Keep Your Kids Busy on the Plane : )
13) Yikes: Did I really Switch to Microsoft OneNote?
14) 14) The BackPage: Feedback to “Discovering the UPG Near You”
15) Closing Stuff

1) Olive Tree Offers Brigada Users Best Bible Study Bundle Ever

olivetreeHow ’bout this? Olive Tree, the makers of what might be the best and most affordable Bible Study App on the market these days (the one we use here at Brigada, by the way) has just noticed Brigada! They saw our recent promotion of Olive Tree’s Bible Study app and offered to give Brigada users special pricing. First, they let us choose which translations we preferred. We begged and begged for two in particular: NIV and Holman Christian Standard. We were hoping to get the price down for Brigada users — so we were shocked when they came back with the idea of offering it to the Brigada audience for FREE until September! Can you believe it? They threw in several other translations, commentaries, maps, devotionals, and an index or two. And it’s all FREE! And the app was already our favorite anyway. When I (Doug) downloaded the app some time ago, I had to PAY to get NIV. Now, Brigada users get it for free! Even if you use Logos or any other app, please try this. You’ve nothing to use. Options are also available for just about every digital device you own.

Please let us know how you like it.

2) Another Great Site to Search for that Hard-to-Locate Book

Thanks to the virtual army of Brigada participants who continue to scout out great sites for locating hard-to-find books. Cory recently sent us to…


And, sure enough, it’s a great one to add to the list of sites like bookfinder.com, half.com and allbookstores.com, all featured in previous editions of Brigada over the past few weeks. DealOz automatically searches some 200 online bookstores! We tried a couple of very unique titles and it just might take honors of being the best search spot of all. (Thanks Cory!)

3) Two More Titles for Your Five-Star Book Set on the Refugee Crisis

Thanks to Neal (Pirolo, no less) and Janet for suggesting the following titles to add to our best bookshelf on migrants and refugees:

Internationals Who Live Among Us: Doing World Missions at Home


and Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate by Matthew Soerens and Jenny Hwang Yang


See the previous six titles at…

4) Need a Phone Overseas? Be Jealous of Your Friend with Verizon

shorttermmissiontripsIf you’re from the USA (as about half of our readers are), but you would love a working cell phone on your next international trip, and you’re not rich, and you use Verizon, you just might be in luck. Check out this feature, available to all Verizon users (the rascals):


I (Doug) have been a Sprint user since 1997 — so nearly 20 years — but they can’t compare to this plan. Basically, on any international trip (to any covered country), pay $10 if you need to use voice, send texts, or use data — and get all you can eat. (Note that the data limit on your normal plan will be your free data limit on this international plan.) We confirmed with Verizon — there are absolutely no charges levied by the overseas grid. This is amazing. Many carriers would charge 20 cents per minute … and up to $2 (Two DOLLARS!) per minute for the same voice plan, let alone getting free text-sending and web-browsing. And the coverage is broad too. Amazing. I’m now convinced: Verizon users are all rascals. : ) (But I still love my unlimited data plan on Sprint and I hate to switch. Rats.)

6) Looking for a Free Alternative to Microsoft Word?

When the computer became “personal” (around 1984), word processors were in infant forms. I (Doug) remember trying out titles like Enable, Amipro, Wordstar, Perfect Writer, and a start-up called Microsoft Word. Yikes. That last title seems extremely lonely these days, doesn’t it? Competition is good. It encourages innovation. But who has the audacity to challenge Word, with some 90% of the PC market, and more than 25% of the enterprise market (Microsoft Office Online has a great free version now and has recently outpaced Google Docs for market share. Well there are challengers in the PC world — still. Take AbiWord for instance:


There’s LibreOffice, too. But, of all that we can find, perhaps the most promising is…


A new version was just released in October (2015) and you know — it’s actually not bad. Your thoughts?? (Thanks for suggesting this item, Pete!)

7) Hospitality Options for Missionaries

Headed out on a “journey for His name’s sake?” There are people who want to help (in the same manner as Gaius did, in 3rd John). You can always go to A Candle In The Window


They provide missionaries with a free meal or night housing throughout the world. Another is Christian Hospitality Network

They provide discounted rates to missionaries at B&B’s throughout mainly the USA. (Thanks to Chad of Engineering Ministries International for reminding us these, both of which have been featured in Brigada in the past.) Do you know of other networks like these? Have you had good experience with them?

8) Help Your Missionaries Thrive: (The Book)

GMI’s new book, Help Your Missionaries Thrive commits to provide you with Leadership Practices that Make a Difference. The authors, Ken Harder and Carla Foote, asked 1,771 North American cross-cultural field workers 74 questions each about their job satisfaction,
field-role fulfillment, agency support, and agency leadership — and the results are intriguing. Ask yourself: Why would we not ALL want to read this book? (I’ll see if they’ll give us a review copy here at Brigada.) They came away with details on positive practices, as well as those where improvement is needed. Learn more at…


9) Train and Place Your Church Mission Team in 12 months

short term tripYouth With A Mission (YWAM) Orlando would like to help your church send a long-term team or individual to the least-reached in as little as one year. They do a 5-month long Discipleship Training School


that they say will give your mission team excellent character development, spiritual formation, and experience sharing the gospel in the 10/40 Window. Next, their School of Ministry Development


will help your mission workers clarify their mission and role on a team. Last, their School of Missions


offered in April and September will focus on cross-cultural mission training. Contact them at…
or call (407) 273-1667 for more information. Their six-member Launch Team has over 70 years of combined field experience.

10) Catch this New 10-minute Video on Immigration

International Project has just released a new 10-minute video entitled, “The Foreigner Among Us.”

Now granted — 10 minutes is rather long for a video these days, … but then again, there are lots of immigrants these days. : ) What do YOU think of their new video?

12) This App Will Keep Your Kids Busy on the Plane : )

This new app for 2016, Flyover Country, might keep your kids busy for the entire flight. In fact, it might keep YOU busy. It’s like a tour guide for your whole flight — and you won’t need expensive Wi-Fi, either. (It tries to download all the info so it will work offline.) Note that it’s still in development — but it looks promising. Try it for Android or iPhone here…


or, obviously, in your digital device’s app store.

13) Yikes: Did I really Switch to Microsoft OneNote?

I (Doug) have been an Evernote user since… my goodness. Forever. But this past month, I exported everything from Evernote over to OneNote and, perish the thought, I think I’m converted. I HATE this idea. But I love OneNote. Evernote is so… linear. OneNote is so… matrix. Evernote is so … bland. OneNote is so … colorful. Evernote is so fast. OneNote is JUST as fast. Evernote’s iPhone app is — just … ok. OneNote’s iPhone app feels exactly like the laptop app. Once again, yikes. But … I’m switched.


This is horrible.

14) The BackPage: Feedback to “Discovering the UPG Near You”

Last week, we were grousing about a recent blog entry by a missions minister who, in our opinion, seemed to use faulty logic and poor missiology (APPARENTLY) in an effort to dismiss the need to reach unreached people groups and cities. His main point? He figured unreached people were soooo “70’s.” “Nowadays, we should just let God do the calling.” We complained that he seemed to be forgetting about the “one lost sheep” in Luke 15. We grumbled that, if no one talks about the “lost or unengaged people and cities,” it will LOOK like God is just calling people to those who have already heard — because we just don’t HEAR about the “lost” people or cities — because nobody is there to talk about them.

We were thankful for several comments to last week’s item. Neal Pirolo wrote, “What an eye-opener! Would to God that every church would ‘wake up’ to the reality of Internationals Among Us! AND, do something about it! ‘Our’ mosque is less than one mile away! Our attitude has changed from ‘How in the world could that church have sold the property for their sanctuary to a group of men wanting to build a mosque’ to daily prayer as I drive by AND attending their prayers several times with a friend who is developing a relationship with the imam.” Well said, Neal.

Millard asked, “Did you copy your Brigada response to this uninformed pastor via his blog so he can respond to you? Even if it is not his own blog, perhaps your comments could help others on whatever blog that is.” Well said, Millard. We’ll do it.

One reader simply said, “Thanks for speaking up for those who don’t read Brigada — because they don’t care about the Great Commission yet.”

Maybe it’s time to ask you — if you’re involved in focusing on unreached and/or unengaged peoples, cities, or places where Christ’s name is not yet known, why do YOU go? Why do YOU send? What’s YOUR reasoning? Please click “Comment” following the web version of this item.

15) Closing Stuff

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