5) If you Work in a Sensitive Area, You Need a VPN

We recently did a review of VPN provider, Witopia, just to determine how easy it was to set up a secure conduit for web, email, and other online communications. Witopia was, stating it briefly, drop-dead easy.


In a matter of minutes, the no-fuss install files had created all the right connections to make it appear that our laptop was operating out of Chicago (when we were actually in Louisville). Using a VPN, no outsider would have seen our web browsing, nor would anyone have been able to read any emails we downloaded. Reasonable costs and easy routines are KEY for a good VPN experience. Witopia has it all.

4 Responses to 5) If you Work in a Sensitive Area, You Need a VPN
  1. David Austin Reply

    here is a link to a review for free vpns

  2. Mark Sequeira Reply

    We use TunnelBear and CyberGhost both paid, depending on location and whichever is faster/more reliable at the moment. we have been very happy with both on laptops and mobile devices/phones. The annual fee is very reasonable considering the alternative data stolen or lost or getting a hard drive encrypted and having to pay to get it back.

    Interestingly, sometimes due to it thinking we’re in Canada or Mexico, it will not let us run Pandora at times or YouTube due to location restrictions.

    Most importantly is find a service with good connections where you primarily make up your residence. Some are better than others in places like Indonesia and your mileage may vary.

    The above link have good options to try from your host country and most do have a free option to check out first.

    • Paul Rogers Reply

      Moreover, I would also like to suggest that it’s good if you are using a VPN in your workplace, but it would be better if you specifically use a logless VPN service, and the pros and cons are discussed in detail in this piece: http://goo.gl/I5ZTUy

  3. Alena Reply

    Some VPN providers such as NordVPN are offering double VPN, where the traffic is routed through two countries for increased anonymity. You may also want to use TOR in addition to your selected VPN provider to increase your privacy.

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