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2016/08/28 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Get Your Bachelors or Masters Degree Online via Hope
2) Crossing Cultures with Ruth
3) Aftershock: The Board Game
4) The Calling of the Knowledge Steward
5) Affordable online counseling available
6) Decision Time with Study Guide
7) Having Trouble Winning Others to Jesus? Try “Any3”
8) Are you Starting a New Work in a New Community? Read this.
9) Suppose You’d like to Share Jesus with Your Muslim Cleric Friend
10) Read the Book that Started it All: Church Planting Movements
11) Let’s take a poll: Best Pillow for Air Travel
12) Free Additional Lessons by Stan Rowland on DMM for CHE Workers
15) Closing Stuff

1) Get Your Bachelors or Masters Degree Online via Hope

Hope International University is offering an affordable way for people around the world to start working on a bachelors or masters degree, including church staff, missionaries, missionary kids, nationals and lay people in the church. Through the SALT program (School of Advanced Leadership Training), students take on-line courses at a sharply reduced rate of $100/credit hour. Students completing four courses (12 credits) receive a certificate, and the credits may be applied to a degree program. HIU is fully accredited and earned credits may be easily transferred to other institutions. For more information about enrollment or to inquire about promoting SALT in your church or ministry, contact Phil

2) Crossing Cultures with Ruth

Missiologist James Nelson brought you “Crossing Cultures with Ruth,” and offered a look into the best means and methods of missionary outreach with the help of Fruitful Practice Research.
Now, Nelson has teamed with mobilizer, strategist, trainer, and writer Marti Wade of Missions Catalyst to help Christian workers learn even more lessons from this unlikely Old Testament source.
Order today at:

3) Aftershock: The Board Game

Aftershock is a humanitarian crisis board game that explores the interagency cooperation needed to address the emergency and early recovery phase of a complex humanitarian crisis. Designed for 4-8 players, it can be played with fewer (even alone), or more (with players grouped into larger teams). Game play takes two hours.
It is set in the fictional country of Carana, but is loosely modeled on disasters such as the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. It has been used in university courses (McGill University, Texas State University), to train humanitarian personnel (Canadian Disaster and Humanitarian Response Training Program), for HADR training within the US military, and for pre-deployment training of peacekeepers and CIVPOL personnel (Centro Conjunto para Operaciones de Paz de Chile). Check it out today. (Thanks Caleb!)

4) The Calling of the Knowledge Steward

Christians are called to be good stewards of time, talents, and treasures. Jon Hirst also urges believers to steward knowledge. “There have been plenty of books and sermons telling Christians what to think,” says Hirst. “We need to explore how to think, and how to steward the knowledge we have to reach more people for Christ.” Hirst introduces readers to Christian leaders–past and present–who proactively steward knowledge. To learn more about The Knowledge Steward or to order, just visit…

6) Decision Time with Study Guide

Based on GMI’s detailed interviews, original research, ministry case studies, and leadership focus groups, Decision Time reveals how Indian leaders utilize prayer, Scripture, advice from respected elders, and other assets to decide what their ministries should do. Meet three kinds of leaders working at the forefront of dynamic kingdom work in India. “Decision Time” is sure to help you and your co-laborers make better decisions individually and as a team. Learn more at…

7) Having Trouble Winning Others to Jesus? Try “Any3”

Here’s an approach in sharing the gospel that is both biblical and practical. Basing itself clearly on scripture, this tool might be just the thing you need to take your gospel-telling to a whole new level. See the full book version at…

The website we had supplied earlier for this item is apparently no longer available. Please forgive any inconvenience.

You can also see this 24-page white paper on the approach. It’s essentially all you’ll need to be effective at it.

8) Are you Starting a New Work in a New Community? Read this.

Every once and awhile, we pull out the little article by Tom and Betty Sue Brewster called “Bonding and the Missionary Task” simply because it’s so effective at getting you off on the right foot in a new locality. It’s still as true today, and every bit as challenging to DO, as it was back in the early 80’s when the Brewsters first started advocating for this concept. Give it a strong look — you’ll be glad you did.

[link removed because the copyright holder wasn’t in favor of it being released openly like this.]

10) Read the Book that Started it All: Church Planting Movements

Some feel that David Garrison’s book on Church Planting Movements was the catalyst that escalated disciple making movment (DMM) principles to a whole new level. Regardless of your own beliefs, the truth is, there’s still so much great knowledge in these pages. Ten universals, 10 Common elements, and tons more. Use this book anytime you’re launching a new outreach to make sure you launch in the right direction. The great thing is – in the true spirit of “freely you have received and freely we will give away,” Dr. Garrison has given permission for us to share this booklet for free. (Thank you David!) Grab it here.

11) Let’s take a poll: Best Pillow for Air Travel

OK… here’s your chance to vote. Are you a fan of…trtl
a) The horse shoe donut? Honestly… do any of these really stay inflated all night? And what’s more — do they actually help in any possible way?
b) Those scrunchy, bulky, padded pillows that people have to lash on the outside of their backpacks? You know the type: When they spin around to head for the rest room, the pillow whaps you right in the face.
c) The new-fangled, fancy, innovative, never-before-seen “trtl pillow.” When you wear one of these, you’ll look like you came straight from the ski slope (and had a broken neck!). No seriously, these things take up very little space (once their smashed in your briefcase), they’re relatively inexpensive ($20 each. ouch), keep your neck warm on a cold plane at night, AND they come in several colors for your choosing frenzy. See them (and try them) here…

I’ll have to admit, after having tried one of these, I’ll never do the donut again. : )

12) Free Additional Lessons by Stan Rowland on DMM for CHE Workers

12) Free Additional Lessons by Stan Rowland on DMM for CHE Workers
Are you a CHE implementer? If so, you’ve probably used some (or many) of the lessons on the CHE DVD you likely received at the end of your CHE course. Unless your DVD version was very new, however, it likely didn’t contain these latest lessons from Stan, integrating CHE more effectively with disciple making movement (DMM) training. If not, please add these lessons (for free!) to your stack and please consider implementing them TODAY.

13) We’re Grateful for…

… the $50 gift from a person that serves with Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators. Thank you!thank you on paper
… Mission Network, who sent $100 this past week because they believe in Brigada enough to make a monthly pledge of $100, partly because they want to dare other agencies, churches, and individuals to do the same. God bless you!!! Learn more about Mission Network at…
… the $25 gift from a Brigada participant who wrote, “It’s such an honor and blessing to share what the Lord has provided us. You and Team Expansion openly and freely share so much, so selflessly. I pray He will turn my humble widow mites to much more valuable treasures though Brigada’s work. I’d love for you to spotlight Global Community of Mission Workers ( ). I had the delightful pleasure of spending time with Chris Maynard and Larry & Stephanie Kraft last week at a mission information workers conference, hosted by The Seed Company, in Arlington, Texas. What an outstanding gathering of people!” It’s an honor to recognize them on your behalf. And thanks again for the gift!

Want to join them in giving Brigada a boost in getting the message out to the nations? Just mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible. If you’d rather give online, just click “Donate” in the upper right corner of any Brigada webpage.

14) The BackPage: Might this Be the Best Book on Launching a new Team?

Many believe that this book — A Vision of the Possible — just might be the best cover-to-cover explanation of how to start from scratch, launch a new church multiplication initiative, then see it through long-term. So you know of any better options? Again, the great thing about this book is that you can download it here and now, today, and begin using it today. Please check it out — but also… please comment (below the web version of this item) if you know of any equal or better current work to help a new team get started.

15) Closing Stuff

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