10) Concerned about Whether a site is “Spammy?”

Last week, when we attempted to send out Brigada, email recipients protected by Barracuda (and all those who take their queue by following its filtered list) were unable to receive the first emailing. As it turned out, one of the items we featured happened to be so new, it wasn’t even listed in Barracuda’s “safe” list. So they assumed it to be guilty until provden innocent. As a result, hundreds of emails were blocked by Barracuda’s firewall. Have you used Barracuda before? Do you have advice for all of us (who send newsletters to multiple recipients? … which would pretty much be every non-profit employee and missionary in the world)? If there a website to which we could email a proposed newsletter to discern the likelihood that Barracuda would block it? We are aware that we can test one URL at a time at…


But that would take forever to test each URL individually. Is there such a thing as a site that receives PDF’s, then gives a spam score? MailChimp, for its part, was apparently completely unaware and offered no feedback. Thanks for any help you can give.

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  1. Lloyd Colston Reply

    I recommend using a reflector such as GoogleGroups. One email to the list gets reflected to subscribers. Subscribers can come and go as they please.

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