2 Responses to 7) What’s the Best group for a Semester Abroad for Christ?
  1. David Bosworth Reply

    For a solid faith-based semester abroad, AMBEX (www.ambex.org) should be considered. It has a Reformation focus in Germany and is designed to transfer into typical Christian liberal arts degree (credit offered by Corbin).

    For faculty-led short term trips focused on New Testament, the Zodhiates International New Testament Study Center (www.zintsc.org) should not be missed. Used by Taylor, Spring Arbor, Colorado Christian and many others.

    For an experience in Israel, IBEX (http://www.ibexsemester.com) has some spots available each semester usually. Credit offered through The Master’s College.

  2. David Bosworth Reply

    It should also be mentioned that CRU has developed a Christian discipleship and outreach program to accompany any study abroad experience through a secular vendor or university. This is a great option for believers to learn how to be on mission through study abroad.


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