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2017/03/12 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) “Evangelism Resource Directory:” What a list!
2) This 26-minute Podcast Details a Movement of 20,000 Believers!
3) 2017 Support Raising Solutions (SRS) Bootcamp Schedule
4) Excellerate Conference for Missions Leaders
5) Chart Your Course Through Ministry Mapping
6) Life Impact Needs an Administrator
7) What’s the Best Free Contact Manager or CRM?
8) How Will You and Yours Celebrate Easter (ideas from GNPI)
9) Have You Ever Wished you could Experience a 3/3rds group (DBS?)
10) This Research Group gave $20 to 20 Mission Orgs: Learn Why
11) Google’s New Jamboard Pulls Together Your Global Team
12) “Linking Global Voices” Continues to Bring us Together
13) We’re grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: Another Alternative to “What’s App” — Hoccer
15) Closing Stuff

1) “Evangelism Resource Directory:” What a list!

We’ve got to hand it to the folks at

They’ve put together what just might be the most comprehensive list of resources for evangelism and sharing the gospel anywhere on the web. I mean… they have the Four Spiritual laws in 109 languages, of course. And naturally they’ve got the Evangecube, Evangelism Indepth, the Jesus Film, the Roman Road, Three Circles, and wordless tracts. But there must be several hundred *other* approaches as well. Never mind that they include references to items here at Brigada. : ) The point is… this is a *motherlode* of ideas to get you started and help you become effective. Well done, gang!

2) This 26-minute Podcast Details a Movement of 20,000 Believers!

In this episode 27 of the MoreDisciples podcast, you’ll learn and listen to Jim Yost recount a cataclysmic event which set him on a path toward a ministry he could never have envisioned, producing fruit he never could have imagined. Hear about a verified disciple making movement to Christ involving more than 20,000 baptisms among 1700 groups. Learn the principles that he used — and at the end of the podcast, hear how you can learn to replicate the same practices, habits, and approaches in your own life and ministry — free of charge! This podcast could change your life.


3) 2017 Support Raising Solutions (SRS) Bootcamp Schedule

Support Raising Solutions (SRS) hopes to flood the nations with spiritually healthy, vision-driven and fully-funded Great Commission workers. Are you struggling with raising support? They use biblical and relational support raising methods to equip you and help you reach your ministry assignment quickly. Learn more at…


Upcoming SRS Bootcamp dates include April 18-19 Rogers, AR; May 18-19 Hawthorne, NJ; June 26-27, Orlando,FL

4) Excellerate Conference for Missions Leaders

Excellerate is a one-day missions conference specifically designed for senior church leadership and global missions leaders who feel that it’s time to rethink, retool, and reengage how our churches impact the world. In collaboration with other leaders, you will create a path of innovative solutions and practical systems. Organizers hope that these tools will transform your paradigm of effective missions, especially as it relates to working with the poor.


5) Chart Your Course Through Ministry Mapping

Get insight into your ministry through GMI’s latest mapping tool – GMMS 2017. Anyone can find a basic map to use for ministry promotion, but what if you want more than that? If you are looking for insight with geographic information, then GMMS 2017 can help. GMI has put together a helpful package of software, tools, wizards, helps, and ministry data. If you have wondered what you could learn from mapping your ministry, explore the possibilities with GMI by requesting a Demo:


7) What’s the Best Free Contact Manager or CRM?

I know, I know. I’ve mentioned this item before. But the market also continues to evolve. So when things change, we have to talk about it again. I’ve gone on record saying, if you have an I.T. guy (give praise to God), your best bet (besides just giving praise to God) is CiviCRM. Why? Because you will always forever own the data and it will always forever be free to stage the software. But what if you *don’t* have an I.T. guy — but you still need to share the application with someone. For example, say you are a small home office — just 2 or 3 people — but you want to share your contact list and do lightweight CRM (customer relationship management) stuff. What do you do??? Well recently, I tried CRMPro. It was ok. But honestly, I think it’s been a few years and it still looks… soooooo…. 90’s. Plus, after the first year, they take away your free CRM option and you have to start paying the piper big-time. So it’s a one-year ticking time bomb. Then we found ZohoCRM.


Their free edition is absolutely, positively free forever for up to 10 users (just right for the small office; if you have 9 people, your 10th person better be an I.T. guy anyway : ) ). For that price (zero), you get leads, accounts, contacts, feeds, documents, a fantastic mobile app (which, by the way, works offline — even with your data!!! So this is an *incredible* feature for those times you’re overseas, out of connectivity in a rural area, or flying on a plane without Wi-Fi), and more. PLUS — the app let’s you send emails (even email campaigns) from within the app itself, as if you’re writing from your own email address, recording the emails you sent in the communication record of the contact. And guess what — you get 25,000 contacts (data storage) with crazy good filtering and searching capabilities. And you can import up to 1000 contacts at a time. It plays with social networking, handles file versioning and sharing, gives you webforms, and up to 1 gig of file storage for free. You even get a basic workflow package. (Very basic, mind you.) And the iPhone app even lets you do *voice* updates for contacts. See the nice upgrade path (for when you have some money to throw at a monthly user fee) here…


Good luck Zohoing.

10) This Research Group gave $20 to 20 Mission Orgs: Learn Why

James Nelson is the Director of Research Services for Global Mapping. I love the project he just did — the Online Mission Giving Project. Basically, he went online and gave $20 to 20 different orgs. (Was yours one of them? : ) ) He tracked how many clicks it took, how they thanked him, and how they treated him afterward for 100 days. Ingenius. And for under $5, they’ll send you the full 13-page report. Your web guy and social media guru will want this to learn about the *front* end of giving, but your CEO and donor care person will want to see the backside of things too. Go James. Go GMI.

11) Google’s New Jamboard Pulls Together Your Global Team

Looking for a cool way to build collaboration among your team, globally, whether they live in Morocco, Mauritania, Macedonia, or Milwaukee? It’s basically a whiteboard, translated to 2017 — or 2050. It’s collaborative, digital and allows you to create without boundaries. It’s like a whiteboard in the cloud — and it’s real-time. You can brainstorm, share images and content, share photos, docs, spreadsheets, all on a gorgeous 55-inch, rolling screen. It’s touch-sensitive, comes with drawing tools, and the ink doesn’t smell. : ) AND it sets up with one cable. What’s more, it will be available this year for *half* the price of a Microsoft Surface hub. Expect it to sell for $4999 and watch for it to be available in May. Of course, you could also pay $21,999 for the 84-inch 4K model. : ) Learn more at…


or see the video at…


12) “Linking Global Voices” Continues to Bring us Together

We’ve said it before — Eldon Porter’s work at…

continues to amaze us. The way he has pulled together scads of global and regional networks, country level networks, and issue specific networks is nothing short of amazing. For example, if I were working in Albania, wouldn’t I love learning about the network of mission orgs working in my country?


Now you can grab that info lickety-split. Great work, Eldon.

13) We’re grateful for…

…the folks at the Evangelism Resource Directory, on the web at…


for sending a gift of $50 to bump their item up to the top of the queue *and* to empower Brigada to make a difference among unengaged and unreached peoples throughout the globe. *THANK* you !!!

Would you consider joining with them in empowering Brigada to the nations? It’s easy to give. Just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!

14) The Last Bit: Another Alternative to “What’s App” — Hoccer

Last edition, we mentioned that we were a little uncomfortable with the way programs like What’s App and “Signal” required us to turn over our entire address book (even just the address book in our phones). (To see the item in last week’s edition, go here:


We understand that the app developer is promising not to mis-use the information. It’s not that we don’t trust their promise. (But we just don’t trust their promise. : ) ) But seriously — what if they sell their app someday? So, in another glorious example of how great it is to crowd-solve these kinds of problems (and in another example of how fantastic the Brigada family is!), “Dan” came through for us in a comment he wrote following the item about Signal last week. He suggested Hoccer.


I can’t say I’m excited about the name. According to my German-English dictionary (the one at reverso.net), hoccer, in German, means “stool” or “to bowl over.” But I fear that many people will think it refers to a spitball. Either way, the app looks great, has end-to-end encryption WITHOUT having to turn over my contact list, and — just … *works.* It’s so simple it’s crazy. So let’s try it — and please comment here if you learn more. And thanks Dan!!!!!!!!!!

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