14) The Last Bit: Another Alternative to “What’s App” — Hoccer

Last edition, we mentioned that we were a little uncomfortable with the way programs like What’s App and “Signal” required us to turn over our entire address book (even just the address book in our phones). (To see the item in last week’s edition, go here:


We understand that the app developer is promising not to mis-use the information. It’s not that we don’t trust their promise. (But we just don’t trust their promise. : ) ) But seriously — what if they sell their app someday? So, in another glorious example of how great it is to crowd-solve these kinds of problems (and in another example of how fantastic the Brigada family is!), “Dan” came through for us in a comment he wrote following the item about Signal last week. He suggested Hoccer.


I can’t say I’m excited about the name. According to my German-English dictionary (the one at reverso.net), hoccer, in German, means “stool” or “to bowl over.” But I fear that many people will think it refers to a spitball. Either way, the app looks great, has end-to-end encryption WITHOUT having to turn over my contact list, and — just … *works.* It’s so simple it’s crazy. So let’s try it — and please comment here if you learn more. And thanks Dan!!!!!!!!!!

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