5) Implementing Disciple Making Movement (DMM) in Existing Churches

How do we do this? How do we start with an “old wineskin” and implement DMM principles, practices, and *life* in a church with programs, budgets, buildings, and staff? It’s tough. We asked one church in Northern Indianapolis, Indiana. They started implementing DMM principles when they were roughly 350 people strong. They’ve now doubled in attendance and doubled the number of groups (from 11 to 29, in fact). They wrote this past week, “We are spreading the 1 day training over a period of 5 weeks on Wednesday evenings. We will have people come to the building from 6-8pm for a meal and a session. In addition to this live training we will introduce them to Zume during the last session. We start this Wednesday and have 100 people attending! This includes childcare (75-80 adults and 20-25 kids) but does not include those who will attend having not preregistered.” Exciting stuff. Imagine training *another* crop of 80 adults in a church already running 650 in attendance. Imagine if even 10 of those 80 begin implementing (starting additional groups). Love it. Another church on the northeast corner of Kansas City started with a group of 6 people. They’re now running 1100. Hear their story in this podcast interview we did with the lead pastor, Roy Moran, last week.


(We jokingly used the name “Prius” because they consider their church a “hybrid” between a “traditional” church and a batch of discovery Bible studies or 3/3rds groups.) Do you have a story of how you’re trying to implement DBSes in your existing church? If so, please share it by clicking “Comment” after the web version of this item. And thanks in advance for telling your story.

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