11) Pastors, Maybe Think Like You’re a Missionary

Suppose you’re a pastor of a small church, wanting to make an impact on your town or city. How do you start? What if you “think like a missionary?” Ed Stetzer, in the opinions of many, is good at helping people stretch their minds, measure reality (he used to lead Lifeway in researching church trends in the USA), and think “outside the box.” As the point person for the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton, he also knows something about cross-cultural work and missions. So his piece, “Exegete your Culture,” is a great (and relative short) instructional booklet for getting started in any town or city. In fact, come to think of it, it might not be a bad idea for missionaries to scan it as a recap or summary. You’ll find many of the concepts familiar. It’s just another example of how often it’s helpful to “think like a missionary.” Find the noncopyrighted PDF at…


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