11) What are the best Resources for those Learning to Raise Funds?

We revisit this question now and then when we discover new pools of resources for those raising funds for mission. One of those is…


Other such training and resource pages include…



Which stacks of resources do *you* prefer??? Just click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas and resources.

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  1. Chris Niemeyer Reply

    While there are many resources online that are good, well-known and can be customized – they come at a cost. GoFundMe, CauseVox and others carry higher 5% service fees (+ Paypal or Stripe fees). So you’re looking at 8% total.
    Within a month, a new worldwisde missions resource will launch called MissionTrip.org and will have the ability for those involved in missions to launch their own fundraising campaigns for just 4.9% total (inclusive of all payment processor fees). Be on the lookout for more info soon.

  2. Neal Pirolo Reply

    Unfortunately, the emphasis on “support-raising” ultimately refers to MONEY! And, I do not deny the need for finances to fund missionary work. However, it is better to put “fund-raising” in the greater context of Paul’s statement: “I rejoice greatly that you have been PARTNERS with me in the Gospel. (Phil 1:5) And in that brief Letter, Paul enumerated SIX AREAS OF CARE needed by every missionary today! Listen to a presentation of that Letter at http://media.eri.org/media/partgos.m4a.

  3. Laurie Kroll Reply

    Causevox is a peer2peer fundraising platform. They don’t charge fees for the first $5000 raised for an org and have a great blog. The Bloomerang blog is also good and will introduce you to many thought leaders. One not to miss is Tom Ahern who teaches about writing donor centered material. I’d also recommend Simon Sinek’s ted talk-the subject is “Start with Why” although that’s not the title. Finally, “People Raising” is an essential book on raising personal support.

  4. Laurie Kroll Reply

    The above are mainly secular resources but will teach you so much about raising funds. It is about the donor and how they are part of what you do and connecting them to the mission. Also focusing on good storytelling- details of one personhood represents those who are helped. It’s not about the missionary and what they do. Finally it is saying thank you early and often.

  5. Terry Sherman Reply

    Don’t forget to mention my free online course, Relational Fundraising.

    The emphasis is on Discovering God’s Gift of Partnership in Ministry. Partnership comes in many forms. The course teaches you how to build a team of ministry partners for long-term full-time ministry.

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