4) New Guide on Traveling with a Disability

Good Neighbor Insurance has a new series on Traveling With A Disability. They have been publishing helpful links, tips and guidance, so far covering travel with a disability, mobility and physical disabilities, deaf and hearing impairment, and plan to publish articles on blindness, cognitive disabilities, and much more.
They’d love feedback as well to make the guide better, esp. by experienced travelers.


3 Responses to 4) New Guide on Traveling with a Disability
  1. Jenny Reply

    Accessible travel is totally do-able with a disability. I have a C6-7 spinal cord injury with 17 years of experience traveling overseas for work (mostly developing countries). Here are a few tips that I’ve written up: http://www.bardcare.com/community/2016/november/jenny-travel-tips/

    • Jenny Reply

      I need to rephrase the above statement. Travel is doable. Accessible travel doesn’t really exist…

  2. Mark Sequeira Reply

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for the great tips and also the video on how to board a plane using an aisle chair.

    I appreciate the freedom and confidence you give others to get out there and try new things!

    Feel free to email or post on the blog any other tips or encouragement that you wish someone would have thought to tell you before you started traveling a lot. It will help the next person.

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