14) The Last Bit: How to Combine CHE with DMM?

Many of us have fallen in love with DMM (Disciple Making Movement principles and strategies)… and others have invested heavily in CHE (Community Health Evangelism). But how would one effectively marry the two — and what are some of the issues in trying to do both at once?

For a brief intro to CHE, visit…


and take a course somewhere. Perhaps the TOT1 course is the “standard.”

For a brief intro to DMM, visit…




See, for example, …


But it feels like we need much more thought and attention given to this subject — especially since CHE just might be one of the most highly-respected approaches in missions today… and DMM might be one of the most popular evangelistic approaches. Right? So how would YOU go about trying to ‘merge’ the two??? If you have any thoughts, please click “Comment” after the web version of this item. And thanks in advance for any input you can offer.

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  1. Tim Brown Reply

    Doug — The Global CHE Network (https://www.chenetwork.org/) has a working group thinking about how to integrate DMM and CHE.

    Discussions were launched in May at the network’s member meeting prior to the International Wholistic Missions Conference. The working group is led by Dr. Martine Fritsch who is on the network’s leadership Representative Council. She and her husband, Jean Marc, have been working with both DMM and CHE in West Africa and Europe.

    Also part of the working group is Chandan Kumar Sah. Here’s a link to a blog on the topic he post recently http://mailchi.mp/99a492a825d4/welcome-to-the-integrated-disciple-making-movement-193137?e=9f582fd656.

    Thanks for calling broader attention to this topic. Will keep you and Brigada readers in the loop on the discussion.

    Starting point, as you noted, is for folks to learn more about CHE and DMM.

    Two other strategies also to toss into the mix.

    Blessings on the journey as we all can do more together.

    • Editor Reply

      Awesome, Tim. Just what we needed!

  2. Allen Reply

    Amazing that this should come up Brigada just now. I’ve received training in DMM and am trying to implement the principles where I live in Asia. Also I work in a hospital and recently met a CHE trainer, so was thinking the very same question you have posed. Will be looking more into this.

  3. Dr Martine Fritsch Reply

    Tim Brown mentionned last July that we have a working group about this question of integrating CHE and DMM;

    We ‘d love to learn best practices from the ones who are already implementing CHE and DMM .
    In cas you are aware of some ministries doing it, could you please let us know or contact us. Many thanks in advance. Blessings on your journey. Martine

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