12) We’re on the Hunt for the Best Jail Ministry Resources

Got any? We’ve found…


And this ministry looks awesome. But we’re trying to dig as deeply as we can. Where can we find great guidance for visiting inmates, helping them transition to the outside world when they’re released, helping them with reentry counseling, helping them find good jobs and great small groups that will facilitate close walks and bold witness for Christ. Got any leads?

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  1. Jaime Chambers Reply

    The Awana Lifeline program (Malachi Dads and Hannah’s Gift) have changed many lives for the better.

  2. John Walton Reply

    Didn’t know Awana was in prison ministry? The Malachi Dad’s ministry of Awana–helping dad’s become fathers once again from behind bars. Check out Awana Lifeline at AwanaLifeline dot org.

  3. Ken Westerman Reply

    Prison Discipleship Resources

    Prisoner Outreach Resources

  4. Mark Hooper Reply

    Try New Life Behavior Ministries. They have a curriculum successfully used in jail ministries and in many countries. It was officially adopted by the state of Texas legislature for use in prisons. It fits very well with a DMM style approach, with emphasis on discovery, obedience, and transformation in community of other believers.
    see http://www.nlbm.org for more information.

  5. Mike Manna Reply

    Youth for Christ’s Juvenile Justice Ministry is probably the largest ministry with teens in prison. Our website has lots of resources or you can try and contact your local Youth for Christ for more info. The website is http://www.yfc.net/jjm .

  6. Lori Reply

    One of the best resources is found at emmauscourses.org. They have resources for jail ministry that are being used all over the world. They also have bible course books in many languages. Prison courses are designed to be allowed in the jails. Highly recommend this resource. Great customer service

  7. Sondra Wayman Reply

    Woodmen Valley Chapel’s Pridon Ministry, Colorado Springs, CO under Pastor Howie Close

  8. Danielle Reply

    CHARM Prison Ministry and Union Baptist Association, both in Houston, have a wealth of knowledge on church planting in prison ministry and re-entry.

  9. Nancy Riegert Reply

    The American Bible society has a great resource. It is The Trauma Healing Institute course called Healing the Wounds of Trauma. I know of several prisons using this material. It is being used globally in many different settings.

  10. Jen Reply

    70 Time 7 Life Recovery has been really successful in our area with re-entry and employment.

  11. Editor Reply

    These are fantastic resources. Thank you all soooo much!!! Please keep ’em coming if you can think of any others.

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