7) In our Ongoing Search for Missions Training Sites…

What are some of the other sites you have found to be effective for good missions training, either in person or online? Today, for example, we happened across…


What have you heard about this group in Canada? Looks like they do a two-week course in cross-cultural training, another two-week course in language acquisition, and a five-day debriefing experience. Anyone have personal experience there?

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  1. Jeff Bleijerveld Reply

    I have used them on two occasions. However, it is now called Cross Training Global. Ken and Carolyn Benson (former church planters in Portugal) head it up. Very cost effective at present and Toronto provides infinite opportunities to make connections with internationals from around the world. kecabensonatgmaildotcom

  2. doug Reply

    Check out

  3. Chad Gamble Reply

    Our team of 13 (staff, spouses and children) went through MissionPrep last fall and were very impressed! They had quality programs for children, combined classroom learning with discussions, outings and alone refection time. They brought in various teachers and even a medical doctor to discuss health care in the field. The setting was great, the staff really cared for the students and wanted then to be as prepared as possible for their upcoming transition abroad. For our US team members it even provided a bit of cross cultural experience since it is located in Canada. I would highly recommend it to others!

  4. kevin Luce Reply

    Have you guys heard of TIMO (Training in Ministry Outreach)? Its a two year training program blending training and ministry… and doing so among unreached people groups in Africa! Most TIMO Teams have African’s on the team as team members… and all team leaders/mentors are experienced cross cultural workers with 5 or more years of experience. The team goes thru a curriculum and focuses on learning heart language and culture and on building relationships in the host community. Check it out at https://vimeo.com/6533645 I mention it here because when we were considering running a TIMO Team in Toronto (among unreached African peoples) we were considering a partnership with mission prep (a great program) to co-train people together at their Toronto location. TIMO is a ministry of the Africa Inland Mission, but TIMO partners with many other mission orgs and runs multi-organizational teams.

  5. Samuel Reply

    Launch Global- 9 month apprenticeship with locations in Auburn, AL, Birmingham, AL. Chicago, IL, College Station, TX, Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, Lubbock, TX, and Phoenix/Tempe, AZ.

    Training includes abiding, disciple making, church planting movements, support raising, contextualization, learning one’s spiritual gifts, conflict resolution, overcoming addictions, teaming, scripture memory, and more. Launch Global deeply partners with local churches and walks candidates through the sending processes of their local church. Participants can live in the city and go through the training while going to school or working a job. Launch Global mobilizers help training participants join a healthy church planting movement team among unreached people groups. Launcher Global trains more than 200 workers each year and has helped send people with multiple sending agencies.

    Global Frontier Mission is also a great training opportunity with strong theological training but also giving practical CPM training among unreached refugees. Locations in Atlanta, Houston, Virginia, and Australia.

    NYC Equip is a similar program, maybe through Pioneers.

    Frontiers has a program called “Studio” in San Francisco I believe.

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