3) Get Paid to Teach English at this American-based School in Kosova

Ever wish you could teach English overseas in a predominantly Muslim land and get paid for it? Now you can. But you need to act fast. This opportunity is literally up for grabs in the next month. The teacher would be responsible for one class of 9th graders, two classes of 10th graders, and one class of 11th graders. Class sizes average between 11 and 15. The school will provide round trip airfare and pay a living stipend while you’re in Kosova of 1000 Euros a month. Many of their teachers live in complete contentment on this pay. One of the school board members stated, “It is hard to state how important it is for us to find an English teacher for our American based English speaking school. It is ever more important that the teacher be someone who is committed to Jesus and to shine for Him here in Kosova. Certification is not required.” Inquire at…

2 Responses to 3) Get Paid to Teach English at this American-based School in Kosova
  1. Caryl Aukerman Reply

    We were just wondering what city this job is in.

  2. Editor Reply

    I understand the position is filled for the fall semester (only). They still need a full-time solution — someone to start in January for the 2nd semester. See the website and video at:


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