14) The Last Bit: With this Edition, Brigada Stops Tracking Links…

Hats off to the sharp Brigada participant in England who noticed that by using MailChimp’s service to track click-through (links), MailChimp was indeed substituting background tracking links behind our true links in Brigada items. (Thanks!) With this edition, we’ve ceased tracking click-throughs in order to give users *direct* access to the links so they can truly see exactly where they’re going should they choose to click on any link in any of our editions. (We have to wonder how many other online or email newsletters have taken that decision.)

We wonder how many other items someone might suggest to improve Brigada. If you’ve got a suggestion, please click “comment” after the web version of this item — or just email us at EditoratBrigadadotorg . Thanks!

2 Responses to 14) The Last Bit: With this Edition, Brigada Stops Tracking Links…
  1. A friend Reply

    I completely understand the organizational value that says “We’re going to take people where we tell them we will take them, guaranteed.” I also understand the clean direct link being the most fail-proof way of delivering on that value.

    It also seems that the click-tracking does not carry a significant value, which surprises me. As I would guess that that type of data would actually help improve the whole of what Brigada offers.

    I understand the technological aspects of click tracking that require MailChimp tracking to put the link behind your link. Is there no way to accomplish both? Is the direct link philosophy antiquated? Is the real organizational value the delivery or the mechanism? Either way, I appreciate that Brigada holds certain and specific values and doesn’t waver from them.

    You asked for other suggestions to improve Brigada. I’m curious if a social platform would be the next step. I’m not a fan of social media in general, yet engagement with the material Brigada offers might increase and Brigada’s overall reach spread further through a social media platform.

    I’ve joined a private ministry FB group that has surprised me in their ability to deliver quality content fit for their audience at a pretty consistent pace.

    • Editor Reply

      Great input.
      The click-tracking is interesting to us – but since we aren’t ad-driven, and we don’t try to ‘sell’ to our constituency, we usually don’t *do* things as a result of click-tracking. It’s just been interesting to follow it to see and gauge engagement.

      We’ll definitely explore social networking! Thanks for the suggestion!

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