11) Christian Non-profit Organizational Development

Is anyone helping Christian non-profit organizations improve from an operational, managerial and executive perspective and there by help them improve their effectiveness and efficiency as organizations? If you are involved in this type of ministry, either by providing organizational evaluations or training, please click “Comment” following the web version of this item and provide your website or a means of contact so inquiring Brigada readers know where to turn. Thanks!

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  1. S Coffey Reply

    In the DFW area, there is an organization: FaithServ
    Contact Scott Heflin – ScottatFaithServdotcom

    • Ann Wheeler Reply

      Hi Coffey,

      Thank you for mentioning that organisation. I have looked at their web page and will follow up with that contact. Thank you.

  2. Brian Ward Reply

    I have used ManagerTools.com both for personal growth as well as a tool to train managers in several organizations. We have used the free audio podcasts and paid the small annual fee to also get the “cliff notes” pdf files of each broadcast. Listening to the podcast is homework and then I lead a discussion. The audio is a discussion between two seasoned managers. I have used this material with both American staff and Papua New Guinean staff and both enjoy listening to the discussion and learn well from it.

  3. Ann Wheeler Reply

    Hi Brian,

    I too am a fan of Manager Tools they are a great resource and it has been key in my development as a manager. I am sure you are aware that they have another resource call Career Tools that also gives excellent advice. Do you use any other resources to train your managers? May I ask what subjects do you see are needed among the managers you help.

  4. Andrew Reply

    Hi Everyone,

    I work for a Christian humanitarian NGO Medair, and my role is to help them improve their efficiency and effectiveness. This has been my line of work for many years, starting in 1994 when I first learned about “Lean” (https://www.lean.org/WhatsLean/) while earning my PhD at MIT. Then I worked for Lockheed Martin for 11 years and World Vision for 9 years. Based largely upon the Toyota Production System, Lean is “the” approach these days for all industries to pursue excellence through solving problems and eliminating the waste that hinder value creation for the customer. And it aligns with Christian principles and biblical concepts. See here (http://www.wvi.org/africa/process-excellence) to learn more about what we did in World Vision in East Africa. I would be glad to share more with anyone who is interested.


    • Ann Wheeler Reply

      Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for sharing about your experience with Lean and World Vision. The Lean web sight looks very interesting. Was your experience in E. Africa at a grass roots level, or with large NGO’s?



      • Andrew Reply

        Hi Ann,
        my work in E Africa was only with the different national offices of World Vision, so it was with a large, international NGO. That said, I am confident that Lean applies at the grass roots level as well, in both large and small organizations.
        If you or anyone in Brigada would like to correspond more about this, you can reach me at: andrewpatalumdotmitdotedu.

        • Ann Wheeler Reply

          Hi Andrew, Is your contact information correct?


          • Andrew

            Yes, it is. But maybe not clear. This should help:

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