Follow-up on Secure (on Not) Email

A few weeks ago, we asked which is the most secure email. See the original item here…

One reader felt that Hushmail was no longer any more secure than the rest of the pack. Is that your understanding? If so, what are our options these days? One reader, Ed, mentioned he was using an encryption tool with Gmail. But I would think that slows down the very reading/composing/sending process that has helped make Gmail so popular. Another reader felt we had been a bit biased when we used the phrase “made a deal with the devil.” If you felt the same, please forgive. We just wish/hope that some company can create truly secure communication. Do you know of one?

4 Responses to Follow-up on Secure (on Not) Email
  1. Sheila Reply

    FirstClass by is the most secure email.

  2. Myron Reply

    My organization uses Tutanota and while we haven’t determined the extent of its encryption abilities, we have been pleased with its ease of use.

  3. Eric S Reply

    What about this:

  4. Editor Reply

    Sheila, I went to the web page and read about FirstClass. Can you tell me how you know it’s more secure?

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