How to Mobilize Missionaries to the Unreached

The Storyline Study is a study guide for the global church to deepen their understanding of God and His global mission. Church leaders around the world (including North America) are using this to awaken their people to deeper ways of missional engagement. Training thousands of leaders and laymen in 16+ countries, the Storyline Study is becoming a useful tool for mission mobilization. For more, see…

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2 Responses to How to Mobilize Missionaries to the Unreached
  1. kevin Luce Reply

    Here’s another GREAT mobilization set of tools… have you heard of these guys! Doing great stuff in Nairobi mobilizing East Africans… they are a spin off of the US Center for World Mission, and I think have hubs in Brazil, Asia and one being developed in Europe! Check them out…
    two great booklets called Go Mobilize and Explore…search around of the website for them.

  2. Steve Shadrach Reply

    a great tool produced by a great group!

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