Have You Ever Been Driving and Wondered, “Where Am I?”

Here’s a website that hopes to put an end to all those questions:


WhereAmIRightNow analyzes your IP address and, assuming you’re not using a VPN, pinpoints your location quite precisely. Obviously, it works better if you’re using a cell phone. (If you’re not, sometimes it’s dead in the water.) But other than that, it could be a useful deal. Is it better than GoogleMaps? Well, if you’d rather not give over your location to Google for some reason, yes — for sure. Is it as fast as GoogleMaps? Nyet. Not by a longshot. In fact, sometimes it’s slow as pond water. But is it interesting? For sure — again, especially if for some reason, you’ve decided you don’t want GoogleMaps to track you. It reportedly uses cell towers, when available, to triangulate your location. Could that be true? So 24-ish.

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