What Are the Top 100 Missions Churches in the USA?

If an editor of a national Christian magazine were to ask you, “What are the top 100 missions-focused churches in the USA,” Which churches would you name? If you have a nominee, please click “Comment” following the web version of this item. Also, in addition to the name of the church, please don’t forget to provide the city and state. If you’d also like to provide some rationale for your pick, it would be helpful. In other words, why do you think they deserve the nomination?

22 Responses to What Are the Top 100 Missions Churches in the USA?
  1. David Moore Reply

    Cedar Mill Bible Church (www.cmbc.org) in Portland, OR. They are a missions Al church with very strong support of both local and global missions service. They are the home church of Luis Palau and have several missions focus areas (Nigeria, Kazakhstan, and India). They support individuals from their church and others that have a connection to their church. They also
    serve their missionaries by providing them with housing when they are back in the US through the missions house located near the church. Most of their elders and pastors have gone on frequent trips overseas to visit their missionaries and they have a special team (Barnabas Team) set up to support and pray for each of their missionaries which meets at least monthly. Most of those Barnabas Teams also do visits overseas to their missionary frequently and provide great encouragement and connection. CMBC also has a FOM (Friends of Mission) group that meets monthly to pray for the missionaries and they are always coming up with creative ways to engage with the missionaries and keep the whole church connected with what the church is involved with missionally both locally and globally. The church recently started offering Missional Outreach grants to members of the church who want to try new creative outreaches. CMBC has planted churches locally, and has given literally millions of dollars to global missions work over the years. They have also hosted conferences for other churches and individuals who want to meet together to collaborate on specific geographic focus areas. CMBC has also been very involved over the years in the big Northwest missions conference “Mission Connexion” (www.missionconnexion.com) and they are always very open to see how God is going to use them next!

  2. Dan Scribner Reply

    Black Rock Church, Fairfield, CT
    Missions is part of the DNA of the church. They have had a dynamic, annual week-long missions conference every year for 60 years. Annual Faith Promise specifically for missions separate from the general budget. Great mix of local, international and least-reached outreach. Excellent care and involvement with those they have sent.

  3. KC Reply

    Grace Community Church, Tempe, Arizona

  4. David Byrne Reply

    Grace Evangelical Church on Fayetteville, GA gives 25% of its 1mm budget to missions

  5. Ted Bjorem Reply

    I’m thinking a couple of the mission minded churches I know are most humble and would not want to be listed, a thought, blessings

  6. Janet Ditto Reply

    Westover Church
    Muirs Chapel Rd
    Greensboro, NC

    sponsoring over 20 missionaries and families to the nations- and 2 week mission conf each November. Each1st Sunday of the month, ALL of the offering goes to Global missions

    • Janet Ditto Reply

      make that 200 missionaries

  7. Rose Whitington Reply

    Christ Our King Church in Southlake, Texas, is a small congregation of 40 people, but they help support 10 missionaries, most of them for decades.

    • Michael Lawson Reply

      They are truly amazing. Faithful missions support. I just got back from visiting one of the missionaries they support. I applaud them.

  8. TL Reply

    Ever heard of Antioch from Waco, Texas? They are like a mini YWAM. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antioch_International_Movement_of_Churches#cite_note-20 I am not connected with them but they have my respect.

  9. Bruce Huseby Reply

    I would agree with Cedar Mill, Black Rock and Westover. Great Missions churches. I would add Cedar Springs Pres. in Knoxville, Austin Stone Church in Austin, TX, Trinity Church in Lansing, MI, Sojourn Church in Louisville as well as Southeast Christian in Louisville. Lake Ave. Congregational in Pasadena. Emmanuel Faith Comminty Church in Escondido, CA. Heritage Church in Westerville, OH is a church to watch as their Pastor bleeds missions similar to Black Rock.

  10. tony sheng Reply

    + Mosaic, Los Angeles.
    + Newspring, Santa Ana, CA.
    + Austin Stone, Austin.
    + National Community Church, Wash DC.
    + Bay Area Comm, Annapolis MD.

  11. Samuel Reply

    Austin Stone-Austin, TX
    -has sent 200 long term workers to UPGS in last 8 years. Congregation of 11,000-13,000. Started less than two decades ago as a plant of 10 people.

    Lakeview Baptist- Auburn, AL
    -currently has 85 of its own members overseas. Congregation of 2,000. Around 1 out of every 23 members is overseas.
    -each week, they have a ESL ministry on site hosting 200+ internationals from more than 20 countries.

    Summit Church- Raleigh/Durham NC
    -currently has more than 120 long term workers overseas
    -great at welcoming refugees
    -planted lots of domestic churches

  12. Jaime Reply

    Calvary Community Church Westlake- Westlake, CA

  13. Dottie Schulz Reply

    The Hills Church – http://www.thehills.org

  14. Dottie Schulz Reply

    The Hills Church located in N. Richland Hills/Southlake and West Fort Worth, Texas. Had over 500 baptisms last year; support 26 missionaries and will add to that plus support stateside church planting. Members encouraged to find their One and share faith with them – philosophy – missions is not a piece of the pie; it is the pie.

  15. Derrah Jackson Reply

    Denton Bible Church, Denton TX
    Grace Covenant Church, Austin, TX
    Trinity Bible Church, Richardson, TX

  16. Derrah Jackson Reply

    Hill Country Bible Church, Austin, TX

  17. K Reply

    Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis

  18. Deanna Harrison Reply

    Tulsa Christian Fellowship, Tulsa, OK–a wonderful missions minded church.

  19. Douglas Lamp Reply

    Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI. (elmbrook.org) has been a strong missionary giving and supporting church since its existence over 35 years ago. From a traditional cross-cultural mission focus, they now include urban ministries in cities like Milwaukee and a strong commitment to help in emergency relief with organizations like World Vision and World Relief. They also partner with other large churches in worldclass cities like Nairobi and in Asia.

  20. Victoria A Kayser Reply

    Free Chapel of Gainsville GA

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