What’s the Best Counseling for a Group?

Scott wrote this past week, wondering what organization or group we would recommend for counseling and biblical direction. He asked, “Who do you know that could come into a mission setting to help resolve conflict?” This is apparently a situation in which a third party is needed — one that is not bias. They would need to come to listen and learn and guide people get back to loving one another in Christ. Who would be the best bet for such a role? If you have a suggestion, please click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Please respect privacy whenever possible (for example, provide us with the counselor’s web page rather than giving us his or her cell phone number : ) ). Thanks!

3 Responses to What’s the Best Counseling for a Group?
  1. Micah Smith Reply

    I have found this group to be an amzing resource for group couseling.


  2. Brad Hillman Reply

    I direct the member care department for The Navigators. We have a “relational healing” process that has been developed since the 1990’s and helped literally hundreds of individuals and teams in conflict. I’d be glad to connect with Scott and talk further about his situation and how we might help.

  3. Melinda Reply

    Kit and Tricia McDermott are who I’d recommend as they do both counseling and biblical direction and have experience with missionaries.

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