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  1. z Reply

    I generally avoid news aggregators that are algorithm driven. Part of it is with the privacy issues that go into doing the necessary tracking of preferences (and likely use in other contexts), but a lot of it is that I don’t want to be put into a “bubble” of what the algorithms think that I want to see, and where the algorithms start eliminating the stuff they conclude that I don’t want to see.

    A further problem with the aggregators is that some are aggressive at finding “alternate” (and often obscure) sources, but where the result is merely algorithm-derived repeats of the same content from other sources, sponsored content, “click bait” (of stuff that titillates, but doesn’t inform), and now, the problem of “fake news”, and other forms deliberate disinformation that’s designed to manipulate.

    I generally prefer checking a handful of trustworthy sources, with a variety of perspectives — I don’t want to see mostly stuff that I agree with, I want stuff that challenges me to think.

    Remember that the historic role of the Associated Press is to feed content to other producers — particularly newspapers, but television and radio follow the AP fairly closely, as well.

    Although United Press International (UPI) has died, there’s still one other newswire that continues to operate, Reuters (http://www.reuters.com/) that’s a good source of general news.

  2. George Reply

    AP has global agenda woven into all employees today. They have all been trained in the Marxist madrasses that we call our universities. There is no one source for news. One has to have a variety of sources today.

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