This Headline Still Bothers Me:

Have you seen the latest tagline from yet another church pushing its online web experience? “Don’t go to church; let church come to you.” Something still bothers me about this line of thinking. Can you guess my concerns? If so, please click “Comment” following the web version of this item.

2 Responses to This Headline Still Bothers Me:
  1. z Reply

    To me, I find this objectionable in the hyper-individualistic approach to “church”, where it’s focused on what the individual derives out of the experience (generally some sort of feel-good assurance).

    Seems to be totally devoid of any focus on the church as the Body of Christ, especially of community…

  2. Janice Reid Reply

    Good comment, Z. I think it’s also notable that this sort of “church” doesn’t include any sort of accountability for personal growth in holiness, or even turning from sin. Typically, we portray ourselves online in the way we want others to see us…so how often would a cyber-church member confess sin to another, or be helped in the process of restoration? True, that doesn’t always happen in the physical church..but at least it is possible. Not so much, online.

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