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Mission Frontiers: “Movements Make All the Difference”

The new November/December edition of Mission Frontiers just rolled out hot off the presses. The theme of the issue is, “Movements Make all the Difference in the World.” It features articles on church planting movements (otherwise known as CPM, or disciple making movements, or DMM). Jerry Trousdale did much of the spadework in recruiting people to participate in this edition. (We know that because he was gracious enough to ask us, on behalf of the journal and its editor (Rick Wood), to contribute — and somehow they chose to feature our article as the lead-off piece. See our article here…


and view the table of contents for the entire edition here…


Looking for a Great Price on Your Next Group Travel Experience?

Row of American coins in soil — Image by © Mike Kemp/Tetra Images/Corbis

Or maybe you’d like great customer service? Or how ’bout both? That’s what CityExpressTravel promises…


For 30 years, they’ve been helping schools and churches book the best fares and handing out the best possible service. Now they’d like to help you. Not only can they book directly, but in addition, they also offer custom-branded websites for organizations and churches who can then, in turn, offer custom website booking experiences for their respective constituencies. This company came highly recommended to us by a known traveler who said she had experienced great service from them. And just in case you wondered, we’re not getting any kickback from them by listing this item nor have we used their service yet. : )

This Past Week, We Discovered Tableau and Plot.ly

While visiting with a Ph.D. grad student at a major university this past week, we discovered…




Both sites are redefining a user’s ability to display data in graphical form. Next time you’re looking for a way to visualize data, you might want to give one or both of these sites a try. They can help you build stunning graphs — to display compelling messages in visual form. Both have free or nearly free options. (Thanks Caleb!)

Does Your Group Work in a Troubled Land? This Site Can Inform

If you or your group are working in a land troubled by war or strife, ETH Zurich’s site can keep you informed about current and future trends. This site is said to be the world’s largest store of big data about violence and conflict.


Most of the data is available completely free of charge as a result of the site’s purposes (to educate and connect educators worldwide). (Thanks Caleb!)

Just When You Thought Church Growth in Nepal was Getting Easier

If you’ve traveled to Nepal lately to help with evangelism and church growth, you were probably amazed. In one of the modern era’s most notable turn-arounds, Nepal has become the success story of the current age with church growth hitting record levels in the past 20 years. Just when you thought the country was about to go completely Christian, the government, in a stunning reversal of modern trends, recently made it illegal to convert or even evangelize.


Obviously, the Lord’s work will still go forward. It’s unstoppable. But for now, this hiccup of our decade looks likely to make it tougher for groups to make disciples and multiply. Pray for a reversal of this persecution. (Thanks Justin and others.)

Giving Honor – A Key to Fruitful Cross-Cultural Partnerships

Here’s a free webinar from the author of a recent book on doing partnerships well. “Giving Honor – A Key to Fruitful Cross-Cultural Partnerships,” will help you form and maintain effective partnerships. Werner Mischke looks at honor competition, rivalry, and honor status and the biblical solution of “Giving Honor” in collaborative cross-cultural leadership situations on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 7am PDT / -8 UTC. To take part in the webinar, simply register on Synergy Commons


then open the confirmation email to activate your new account. Then on the day/time of the webinar, log in at…


and register


We’ve heard Werner share on several partnership-related topics. You won’t be disappointed for making this webinar part of your training experience.

It’s Not Too Late to Join a Special Zume Prayer Campaign

Maybe you’ve missed the first few days (of a 40-day prayer emphasis), but at least you can get in on the last 30 days of prayer for the newest online training course for making disciples who make disciples.


Zume (pronounced ZOO-may) is free and extremely well-produced, thanks to $150,000 or so in grants and gifts from donors who believe in its long-term purposes. Churches and groups who utilize the Zume training framework can expect to see their groups become better at multiplying while they also become better disciples worth multiplying. Try Zume with your next life group or adult Bible study. You won’t regret it. (We’ve now facilitated five of these nine-week sessions. The truth is: The course works extremely well in making both movement dynamics and biblical discipleship principles something easy to grasp and embrace.)

Missionary Care Foundations Course 15 Jan-2 Feb 2018

Here’s a broad spectrum foundational course covering a wide variety of member care topics, having a preventative perspective on issues that affect missionaries, their teams, and an intro to tools and methods that are adaptable in serving our missionaries across contexts. It is based on the idea that, “Member care is the formal and informal effort to develop, preserve, and restore kingdom workers for effective service.” More info found at


Put it on your calendar: Creation Care and the Frontiers of Mission

Ralph Winter’s spiritual progeny are at it again with a 2-day event next April 6-7 in Pasadena exploring “the Gospel of the Kingdom at the intersection of environmental stewardship and ministry”. Hosted by Frontier Ventures and Lausanne, the conference will include presentations by Katharine Hayhoe, Ruth Padilla Deborst, and others. More details at


or write to

Online Training for TESOL Ministry

Overseas and stateside we encounter people from many cultures who hunger to learn English. Doors are wide open for Christians to help satisfy this desire through teaching. However, effective ministry requires excellent training. EFCA ReachGlobal’s “Building Bridges with English” is a professionally facilitated online course developed for this purpose. The next course will be offered January 15 – February 18, 2018. For more information, write:
or see:


Returned Missionary Survey

Sometimes the missionary call is for a lifetime, and sometimes it’s not. The factors that lead missionaries back to their home countries are numerous and complex. If you are a returned missionary, please take 15 minutes to complete this online anonymous survey:


The survey will only be open until December 6th, so please participate promptly and share the link with others. Results will help improve missionary care.

Once Each Year, We Pause to Ask for Your Help: It’s Time

Each year, we ask God for $17,120 for Brigada’s annual budget. This helps cover the costs for the Google search engine, the websites and servers, the email-sending service (this is $150/month in and of itself), the part-time assistant who publishes the content we write, a few lightweight marketing costs, the anti-spam engine, the ongoing costs to develop apps (the Android app is done and active) and serve up a future for participants like you. Some (maybe half?) of our participants work in places in which they are unlikely to give major gifts, so many give smaller gifts of $15-$20 per year. But we’re grateful for each of those gifts. Others live and work in places in which they can give more — maybe $100 is the standard “True Fan of Brigada” gift. A few have been blessed by God in special ways. As a means of praising God, they have given gifts of $500, $1000, and $2000. Either way, we only ask for exactly $17,120 each year. If more were to come in (it’s never happened), we would apply it toward the next year. If you’ve ever used an item in Brigada or if you’d like to give on behalf of someone who can’t, just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!

The Last Bit: The Origins of Brigada

Since January 25th, 1995, the weekly Brigada Today email journal has been informing Great Commission Christians about our great global quest: giving hope and help to those who need it most. Midway through the ramping up of the AD2000 & Beyond campaign to take “the gospel to every person” so that there could be “a church for every people by the year 2000,” we began to sense the apparent lack of any global platform to …

*** Identify & promote helpful resources, conferences, websites, agencies, individuals, etc.
*** Analyze & capsulate in layman terms the current trends in global mission, along with their potential impact on the world of missions
*** Challenge & motivate evangelical Christians toward greater involvement in finishing the Task of global evangelism – to seek to inspire others to help in passing the baton of responsibility and initiative in world evangelism, to form a kind of “brigade” so that, shoulder to shoulder, we can finish the Task that Jesus assigned us in Matthew 28:19-20.

During its initial 3 or 4 years, Brigada sought to create email discussion groups that would unify like-minded pilgrims in reaching specific pockets of people. Thankfully, now there are several specialist websites dedicated to that task. As a result, Brigada settled into its long-term goal of tackling the 3 objectives above. We formed some simple cultural values surrounding the idea that we could crowd-source the knowledge-gathering process and accomplish more together than if we had tried separately. If the thousands of subscribers are any kind of indication, it would appear that several have found it helpful. Toward God’s glory, we continue the quest and we humbly ask you to walk along with us. May God give victory for the advancement of His global Kingdom so that His name can become famous throughout the planet.

Do you have a Brigada story? Something you’ve enjoyed or used? If so, please click ‘comment’ after the web version of this item. Thanks!

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