Frontier Ventures (Formerly US Center…) To Decentralize

The new name is Frontier Ventures, but many will still know it as the US Center for World Mission. Made famous under the leadership of Ralph Winter, the US Center has instructed and inspired many since the mid-seventies. We’ve all probably stayed over night there for a prayer workshop, or attended a class or visited a partner. It’s like … Mecca for world missions. But get this…

They’re considering selling the campus to decentralize. We’ve invited the leadership to speak directly to the Brigada audience and they’ve expressed interest in doing so. Count on more information in the weeks to come.

3 Responses to Frontier Ventures (Formerly US Center…) To Decentralize
  1. Dennis Miller Reply

    The only thing constant is God and change

  2. Keith Carey Reply

    Actually, they are considering selling PART of the campus; we will always have a “footprint” in Pasadena. This is in the early stages, and our leaders really need prayer for God’s guidance. Who will pray for God to lead us into these next 40 years?

  3. Steve Shadrach Reply

    I will pray for God’s guidance of this great vision.

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