Which Colleges/Universities Offer Business as Missions?

Suppose someone approached you at your church and asked, “Which Christian colleges/universities offer a business as mission program? And which mission agencies focus on business as missions as well?” That’s exactly what happened to John. So he approached us to find the answer. Please — let’s not let him down. Click “Comment” following the web version of this item and copy and paste in your list… please. Think of as many options as you can for John, and the person requesting the info. And in the process, we’ll build a virtual directory! Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

8 Responses to Which Colleges/Universities Offer Business as Missions?
  1. Belinda Kuhn Reply

    YWAM offers several seminars and courses focused on Business in Missions: http://businesswithamission.net

  2. Andrew Reply

    Hope International University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration with the possibility of customized concentrations in Business as Mission.

    Nebraska Christian College is a branch campus of HIU and offers the same programs in online format. This is an ideal option for people currently serving in ministry in the US or abroad who are not able to leave their ministry to become residential students. Students may also choose to live on campus to complete general education and ministry courses and take their business courses online.

    • Andrew Reply

      To clarify, students wanting to specialize in Business as Mission may do so in either a residential or online format at either the HIU campus (Fullerton and Anaheim California) or the NCC campus (Omaha, Nebraska).

      If they choose a residential experience at NCC, most of the business classes will be taught in online format, but gen ed and Bible classes are available on-site.

  3. G H Reply

    Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, for the Business, Christian Campus House for the Missions. (CCH is the on-campus ministry that has an excellent focus on integrating missions into everyday life and the job at which God has placed you. http://cchonthe.net) Integrate DMM into the daily fabric of a solid business plan.

  4. Eileen Reply

    Serge offers Internship and Apprenticeship opportunities in BAM. https://serge.org/apprenticeship/north-africa/

  5. Becky Durstenfeld Reply

    ReachAcross does Business as Mission in the Muslim world.

  6. Christina Reply

    Africa Inland Mission is involved with Business as Mission across North Africa. https://aimint.org/us/serve/

  7. David Bosworth Reply

    Colorado Christian University has a robust Business major which can be taken with an Intercultural Ministries minor. This combination equips students with effective skills for the workplace and for maximizing redemptive impact of vocation in cross-cultural contexts.

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