11) Bible Translation’s Newest Participant: the Church

What would it look like if the church became a participant in the Bible translation process? Maybe a lot like…


This is church-based Bible translation — and it’s changing the face of translation as we know it. These approaches report that they can radically reduce the amount of time involved (length of each translation) while maintaining integrity for the work and the Word. What’s YOUR take on these claims? (Please click “Comment” following the web version of this item to give your own opinion.)

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  1. T Phillips Reply

    This approach has been tried, and by every measure it has failed. See: https://map.bloomfire.com/posts/1053763-a-peer-reviewed-assessment-of-the-mast-methodology In summary, upon evaluation the approach failed to meet _any_ of its objectives.

  2. David Reply

    I would like to graciously and respectfully point out that nowhere on the CCBT website is MAST ever mentioned. There is one simple reason for this. CCBT does not equal MAST. Most CCBT projects we work with create their own processes. Some have tried MAST but abandoned it for various reasons. MAST is a translation methodology. Church Centric Bible Translation is not. I would encourage you to read the resource you’ll find on the website.

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