14) The Last Bit: What are the Goals for Bible Translation?

We were listening to a talk on this recently. Get this: First, By 2033, 95% of all people in the world should have a full Bible, and just as significantly, 99.9% should have the entire New Testament. The exciting part is — 100% should have at least 25 chapters. Imagine — every tribe, every nation, with the Word of God. It’s going to happen. Want to be a part of it? It’s really cool. First, scan this article in Christianity Today to see what a huge accomplishment this is…


Then check out the site itself at…


For Bible translation, this has got to be one of the most exciting times in the history of the work.

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  1. Andrew C. Diprose Reply

    This is most encouraging. This coupled with the No Place Left 2025 vision (see http://www.noplaceleft2025.org/ ) finally makes it seem feasible, based on solid discipling parameters coupled with the use of the Word of God in understandable languages.

  2. Doug Reply

    for sure, Andrew! Thanks for sharing!

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