7) How Shall we Pray About Bolivia?



If you’ve been following the news in Bolivia, you are probably already praying. Take, for example, this story from our friends at Christianity Today:


Here at Brigada, we obviously aren’t in the political activist world. God can work through politics and/or in spite of them. But still… our heart goes out to the many believers and churches in Bolivia who are enduring what is perhaps the biggest test of faith in modern history. We have personally visited their land and seen the richness of their faith. Their pastors, missionaries, and members were and still are very bold and passionate. But for a government to turn around and go back… to make it illegal even to teach one’s own children about faith in Jesus Christ, after having experienced such a profound national level of faith previously… it just seems like something that only Satan could script, honestly. But we know God is still sovereign. We know that in the end, He still reigns. However, if you’re one of those missionaries, pastors, or faithful members in Bolivia, reading Brigada tonight, please know — you are not forgotten. The entire world is praying for you. We just … don’t know how to help other than pray.

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