8) New “Pray for Korea” App Features Prayer Requests for North Korea

Would you like to make a difference in North Korea? Not sure how to get started? Perhaps the most powerful thing you can do today is pray. Now, there’s an app to help you do that with greater information. The Pray for Korea Prayer app was developed to give Christians a way to glorify God by praying daily for Korea in accordance with a comprehensive, strategic, and specific plan. “Comprehensive” means that all provinces, major cities, and many sub-units of both North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and South Korea (Republic of Korea) are included. “Strategic” means that items cover society’s major institutions, e.g. the church, family, workplace, government, schools, prisons, orphanages, etc. “Specific” means that the daily items name an individual or group in the designated area along with a Bible reference, so that God’s Word will be the foundation for daily prayer. Available for iOS devices at…


and Android…


Our friends at Joshua Project apparently has had a part in creating this app. Well done! (Thanks for the tip, Allan!)

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