11) Logos is STILL a Good Deal, but Here Are Other Options Too

We received comments after featuring Logos that could be summed up this way: “You’ll have to pay to load in more resources.” But then, isn’t that always the case? (Many tools are free or near-free — but the add-on layers sometimes cost more.) Some participants also pointed to other Bible versions that are also free. But one Brigada participant (Dave) provided an extremely helpful page. Maybe it doesn’t list ALL the options, but it should at least get someone started.


There, one can see a reeeeeeeeeally great review of LOTS of Bible software, thereby making an informed decision. Dave, we’re grateful! Crosswire people — thank you.

2 Responses to 11) Logos is STILL a Good Deal, but Here Are Other Options Too
  1. Glyn Roberts Reply

    Crosswire didn’t mention Online Bible. It’s free and terrific. I’ve been using it for 20 years.

    • Glyn Roberts Reply

      refdocatcrosswiredotorg wrote on 2/8, “That is not a review, it is a list of applications associated with us, using our programming library.” Online bible does not belong into that group

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