3) Is The OSAC Country Report the Best Benchmark for Risk Level?

Developed by the Research & Information Support Center of the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) of the US Department of State, the OSAC Country Report lists every country in the world by region, providing category descriptions as to whether or not it’s legal to proselytize there, providing notes on restrictions where applicable. Is this not the handiest document ever to provide a starting benchmark for churches an missionary sending organizations to assign levels of security for each land? Obviously, a team with boots on the ground should always be trusted ABOVE the OSAC restriction level (because regional conflicts or social norms could easily supersede national stands by state governments), but as a simple starting point, wouldn’t this document be among the best sources to create a simple protocol regarding how to treat sensitive communication for each country of the world? Download your free copy at…

See the 34 member companies and orgs who make up the Senior Advisory Committee in OSAC at…


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    This is awesome! Thanks for the resource.

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