9) Please Help us Understand the Situation in Nepal

Can anyone help us sort out the article at…


and the Christianity Today article at…


From what we can see there an elsewhere, is it true that, over the past six months, freedom of speech about one’s faith has been radically challenged? … and, would you agree or disagree that the church in Nepal is possibly entering a new era of persecution? Please click “Comment” the web version of this item and help us sort this out. Thanks in advance for your help. (And thanks to GBS for raising the issue.)

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  1. known to brigada Reply

    I have a long-term friend with a close connection to Nepal on the ground into several sites both in Kathmandu and out in the country-side and forwarded the question to him without reading either article myself. But I trust this friend’s feedback enough to summarize it here — and I was asked to keep identities guarded so if it’s possible keep my name out of this as well, I would appreciate that.

    The churches they network with, support, have on-going relationship with have not yet been hindered by the new developments, but they tend to be very careful and there is a sense, on the ground, that something has changed.

    This friend has noticed an up-tick in Hindu nationalism which had fallen to a minimum around the time the so-called incarnation of Vishnu was deposed from the throne.

    Since then there have been power struggles between the Hindu and secular Maoist elements, always in the context of pervasive corruption, with cynical deals regularly being made between Maoists and Hindu-nationalists. This latest Constitutional Amendment feels very much like one of those.

  2. Barbara Ruegger Reply

    I definitely agree on the already made comment. The situation in Nepal which has been really good for several years now is changing rapidly again to the worse. It is a lot like in the neighbouring country of India where persecution is growing.

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