11) Could Robly Challenge MailChimp? Nahhhh…

What’s the best service or app for sending out email newsletters these days (prayer letters, financial reports, announcements, and more)? If you answered MailChimp, you’re probably among the majority. MailChimp is said to own over 50% of the market for email marketing. Constant Contact has dropped to under 12%. And after that (what is there?), something called AWeber has just over 5%. (Source: https://www.datanyze.com/market-share/email-marketing ) But what’s YOUR fave? One newer service is Robly.com.


They claim to help you get 50% more opens through a technology they call “opengen,” which will automatically re-send your email with a different subject line to those who didn’t seem to open it the first time. Innovative, right? But how do YOU send out email newsletters and why? If you have a favorite that can challenge MailChimp, please tell us by clicking comment. Thanks for your tip!

2 Responses to 11) Could Robly Challenge MailChimp? Nahhhh…
  1. Jim, Grenoble, France Reply

    If I got a second email, exactly the same, with a different subject line, I would unsubscribe. Simple. (Barring other factors eg, the sender is a friend, etc.)

  2. Kyle Lawrence Reply

    I do web development and marketing. I do believe Robly has a great service with powerful features. However, I believe it is a different market than is relevant to most of the people on Brigada newsletter.
    1. Robly doesn’t offer a free plan – why would you pay ~$15.00 / month when you are just starting out building your list?
    2. Their OpenGen technology is less relevant to non-profits, as non-profits have more allegiance with their subscribers (compared to the allegiance a person has to a for profit-website that they just subscribed to).
    3. Mailchimp has the most features for allowing users with minimal technical and design skills to still send quality newsletters – this is probably what most people reading Brigada need most.

    One note on the OpenGen: It only sends it the second time if the subscriber has not opened it, so presumably, the subscriber doesn’t know he or she has been sent the same email twice.

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