3) Will Cape Town really run out of water?

It just seems impossible, doesn’t it.


How could any modern city run completely dry? One article in the Atlantic blamed “austerity-obsessed

technocrats, irresponsible development, and willful ignorance.” Regardless, all those who attended the Lausanne in Cape Town will remember the tremendous hospitality and modern facilities. It seems impossible that, just 8 years later, such a meeting would be virtually impossible. (Is ANYONE going to plan a convention in Cape Town for, say, mid-June?) But speaking of visitors and conventions is missing the point. What about the people who live there? And if water goes, what will happen to sanitation? Will you join me today in praying for just what might be one of the most major development crises of our modern day? Let’s see if a world full of prayer-partners can somehow change the course of urban planning — or lack thereof. (And thanks to Justin for originally tipping us off to this in an email last week.)

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  1. laura Reply

    Thanks to the Brigada team. Been getting your updates for forever. So i live in Cape Town. We have so much talk here – environmental activists, cynics etc. and everyone in between.
    The city may run out of water. That would be a tragedy. But as residents we need to do what we can to save water. As God’s children we also need to trust Him in these difficult times much like if there was an earthquake or fire or other tragedies.
    What we have seen is a few unseasonal rain showers – and we rejoice. Please do keep praying for us in Cape Town but there are other cities in our beautiful country which are in similar situations – so pray for them also.

  2. Sherree Empson Reply

    Praying now for Cape Town!

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