14) The Last Bit: If You Had a Chance to Defect, Would You?

The whole subject of defecting is of great interest to us. Start with the simple question: If you had a chance to defect from your homeland right now, would you? Why or why not? The answer might tell you something about how satisfied you are with your state of being. Curious about how a North Korean might answer? See, as a backgrounder, the CNN article at…


which documents the degree to which the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (or, the DPRK, as North Korea prefers to be called) is going to prevent defections from the delegation of 500 DPRK athletes, officials, performers, and cheerleaders. So what IS it that has compelled some 31,000 North Koreans to defect over the past 60 years? There must be some reason. And that raises a parallel question: If you could defect from faith, would you? If you’ve chosen NOT to defect, why or why not? What keeps you in the heart of faith?

If you can find the answer to that question, you might have discovered something to which you can hold for a lifetime.

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