7) Where Do We Turn for Bibles in Other Languages?

This past week, Milt wrote, asking where to find small New Testaments in Arabic for use on the Syrian/Israeli border. We sent him to


They have a list of scriptures and books by language. You can also specify whether or not you’d like complete Bibles, New Testaments, or single books of the Bible. They also have other books and media in other languages as well. It was the best source we knew of at the time, but… are there other, similar sources?

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  1. Eunice Herchenroeder Reply

    Find.Bible for published Scripture in print, audio, and electronic formats. Per their home page, this site currently catalogs “3,638 Bibles and 78,831 resources in 6,054 languages and dialects representing 569 agencies.” That’s pretty comprehensive!

  2. Ted Bergman Reply

    Try Amazon.com for Bibles–this is especially useful if you want it shipped somewhere.

  3. Kurt Nauck Reply

    A great place for online Bibles and downloads is Digital Bible Society’s Bible Cloud http://www.Bible.Cloud

  4. Ted Bjorem Reply

    5fish have the Jesus movie in every language, as well as bible studies in them. you’ll be hard put to find one they havent covered.

  5. Ted Bjorem Reply

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  6. Chris Van Weerdhuizen Reply

    Wycliffe’s website lists a number of resources: https://www.wycliffe.org/resources/bible-resources

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