14) The Last Bit: Still Reflecting on a Great Jeep Commercial

We’re still reflecting on the Jeep commercial that premiered during the Super Bowl. Immediately afterward, we asked “What’s the Best Version of “God’s Story?” We were looking for a video ad for Christianity as effective as Jeep’s ad. If you haven’t checked back lately, we’re beginning to accumulate some fairly good options. (See the “Last Bit,” Item 14, in the Feb. 4th edition, at…


We didn’t set many limits or criteria. We only asked that it be short and impactful for a non-Christian. One of the most recent responses was by Brigada participant, Tom, who pointed us to “The Story,” at…


It’s available in 21 languages (including English) and 20 more are in production. It stretches our definition of short (being just under 6 minutes), but we have to admit — it’s really good. Do you think someone will sit still for 6 minutes?

Got any other nominations? If so, please add your nomination directly at the Feb. 4th item above by clicking “Comment” after that item.

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