2) Searching for a Conference Meeting Site in Europe: How?

Suppose you had a friend who was looking to stage a conference in Europe in 2019. Suppose he was searching for a retreat center that would hold 200 people — rooms, food, meetings. But suppose he didn’t have the budget for a big-business hotel. Where would you send him? Shouldn’t an org like O.M., YWAM, or GEM or SOMEONE have a big enough retreat center in a place like Austria, Czech, or Poland? Where would you send him? (Please just click comment following the web or app version of this item. And, by the way, he thanks you profusely.)

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  1. Jennifer Holloran Reply

    It would only get you to 190 people, but Karimu is a great conference center in Germany. https://tagungszentrum-karimu.de/engl/

  2. Mary Reply

    Not on mainland Europe, but very reasonable and could cater for 200 people easily.


  3. Jim Ramsay Reply

    I have that identical question, so hopefully my responding here will allow me to see other responses!

    Two years ago we had a gathering of about 125 people in Shengjin, Albania, using the Hotel Rafaelo. We held it in the off-season (late Oct), so prices were very good. It wasn’t luxury, but it was great for our purposes and a whole lot less than if we had done the same on the other side of the Adriatic!

  4. John F Reply

    With many charter flights from various airports in Europe, you might consider going to Turkey. Cheap flights, relatively cheap hotels with all meals included. Plenty of meeting rooms. Many organizations have had regional meetings there (near Izmir or Antalya mostly)

    • Jim Ramsay Reply

      Turkey is a great place – amazing prices in Antalya in the off-season. But recent visa spat with the USA and ongoing tensions with EU makes me nervous to plan a big event very far out.

  5. Jaime Chambers Reply

    De Betteld has several lovely sites in Holland. I have been to several conferences in Zellham. Great staff to work with!!


  6. Tobias Treppmann Reply

    Here is an option in Germany that has enough capacity: http://www.cgw-rehe.de

    And a few more, but they might also not quite hold 200: http://www.christlich-unterwegs.de/de/hotelsuche

    What is the conference about?

  7. Tobias Treppmann Reply

    Another great option is this one: https://glockenspitze.de/tagungshotel/

  8. Blair Bonin Reply

    We have used this one repeatedly near Cologne, Germany (http://www.haus-hohegrete.de/)

    We have used this place once near Berlin, Germany (http://www.jusev.de/jugendbegegnungsstaette)

    We have used this place in Budapest, Hungary one time (http://www.csilleberc.eu/)

    We have used this venue once near Budapest, Hungary (http://www.kollegium.szie.hu/en/student/introduction)

    We have looked into using this Bible School in Lisbon, Portugal (http://www.meibad.org/)

    We have used this youth hostel in Nuremberg, Germany several times (https://nuernberg.jugendherberge.de/jugendherbergen/nuernberg-253/portraet/)

    This one in the Czech Republic looks quite nice but is limited to 85 beds. So we have not used it before as it is too small for our group (http://www.malenovice.com/)

    I’ve heard about this one in the Netherlands but have no experience using it (http://www.dekroezedanne.nl/)

    We used this venue many times until we outgrew it. Max. capacity is about 100 (http://www.ctsem.edu/)

    Czech Republic – have not used this venue b/c the capacity is only 70-80 people, but it looks quite nice (http://immanuel.cz/en/)

    Have not used this one yet in Czech Republic (http://townshend.cz/conference-center/)

    Conference center in Czech Republic but no lodging (http://www.kc-greenpoint.cz/)

  9. Steve Reply

    Jennifer H’s suggestion for Karimu is excellent.

    Jaime’s of de Betteld is great and handles lots more.

    You can also Google Flensungerhof and Rehe in Germany.

    OM’s place holds about 80.

    Wisla Poland has a place for 500.

    EMDC is looking for a place that holds 700. Ideas?

    • Nikki Bremner Reply

      Hey Steve. Could you give contact info for the OM place you mention here. Thanks!

  10. David Reply

    AMG International hosts large conferences for mission organizations. While their facility near the Athens airport houses about 125, they have negotiated contracts with resorts which prove to be immensely reasonable for mission conferences. Of course, the added benefit is that you can include visits to biblical sites where the missionary Paul first planted churches in Greece. They coordinate registration through Greek Bible Tours (www.greekbibletours.com). Contact would be davidatgreekbibletoursdotcom or 1-720-295-4658 (MST).

  11. Ralph Schubert Reply

    Wycliffe Germany runs an excellent facility the International Conference Center Kariumu. Check it out at https://tagungszentrum-karimu.de/engl/!

  12. colette Reply

    PROEM in Poland has an excellent facility.


  13. Jim Reply

    Can highly recommend Immanuel and Malenovice here in CR — good to know about the others

  14. Marton Hellinger Reply


    If Hungary is also an option, we have a castle that could hold up to 350 person. It is mostly for church conferences with 2 big and several (10+) meeting rooms, own kitchen prepared for different kind of diets, volleyball and basketball courts and private swimming pools (kid and adult).

    • Nikki Bremner Reply

      Could you give contact details for this place, please?

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