5) Where Do You Go for Trip Cancellation Insurance?

David asked this past week if we knew of a good vendor for travel insurance. You know — the kind that, if your flights go south, and you simply have to get there, you can book other airlines or take 6-hour taxis or whatever it takes — to get there when you need to get there. The kind that covers you even if the cancellation is weather-related. And the kind that, if you have to drop because you get sick, you can drop, with the confidence your trip will be fully reimbursed. We’ve been big fans of the folks at Insurance Services of America (ISA). Early on, they established the page at…


We’ve used their services — and, upon occasion, we’ve actually had to collect from it. And it worked. As long as you save receipts and can connect the dots to explain what happened, you are reimbursed in a timely fashion. (Truth in Brigada: They do send a gift for every single policy you buy. But — we honestly haven’t found a better service, gifts not withstanding. So that’s why we ask now with open hands…) Is there a better service, for a more competitive price, anywhere? If you find one, please click “Comment” following the web or app version. And, thanks for your time. Oh — and thanks to ISA for all the gifts over the years.

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  1. Brian Stark Reply

    I’ve been using Mission Trip Insurance for years, particularly their TripArmor Plan. They have a cancel for any reason option as well that you can add on.

    And their service and Emergency Medical and Evacuation is top notch as I had a team member with a heart attack in Rural Philippines in November and they were amazing in getting us air evacuated to Manila, helping us with logistics and eventually getting us home.

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