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2018/03/04 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Have you read Stubborn Perseverance yet?
2) For Your Next Home Service Stop-Over, Try Eden Ridge
3) Want to Hear from World Council of Churches Each Week?
4) TESOL Training in Asia. New dates set for 2018 and 2019
5) Where North American Missionaries are Sent (Might Surprise You)
6) Has Someone Hidden Your “LAMP” Book Under a Bushel? Order Here.
7) For USA Users: Mobile Passport better than Global Entry?
8) Free Global Prayer Guide from Voice of the Martyrs
9) Read about the “Last Christians” and Pray for the Persecuted
10) Membership (in MissioNexus) Does Have its Privileges
11) “Day for the Unreached” Might Not Seem Fair
12) So How DO we Finish the Remaining 29% of World Evangelization?
13) We’re Grateful For…
14) The Last Bit: Writing from the Road Increases my Respect
15) Closing Stuff

1) Have you read Stubborn Perseverance yet?

Stubborn Perseverance stands alone in telling the story of the kind of multiplying movements that have been growing and multiplying exponentially over the past 25 years. These movements have turned 45 million people from unreached people groups into disciples in rapidly multiplying small churches, equipped and motivated to multiply at least ten times faster than the global Church. Read more about this at

http://MultMove.net/astonishing-progress or in the Mar/Apr issue of Mission Frontiers: http://MissionFrontiers.org

If you have already read Stubborn Perseverance, the authors are offering a free print copy just for completing the brief (currently 10-question) survey at


If you haven’t yet read Stubborn Perseverance:
– Get your best price at


– Or get 2 for 1 from Amazon (buy a print copy and get the Kindle version free):


Then complete the survey to get another copy for free!

2) For Your Next Home Service Stop-Over, Try Eden Ridge

EdenRidge, located on the Cumberland Plateau in East Tennessee, offers missionaries an 80% discount. There are five cabins ranging in size from one-bedroom/one-bath (540sf) to three-bedrooms/two baths (1,500sf). EdenRidge also welcomes small groups and family reunions. Guests have access to nearby amenities in Fairfield Glade including golfing, boating, hiking, and much more. To learn more about EdenRidge or to make a reservation, simply visit …


3) Want to Hear from World Council of Churches Each Week?

Kelly ODonnell was right when he wrote Brigada a personal note this past week to point out that some might be dismissive of the World Council of Churches Weekly new roundup. But Kelly quickly added, “Almost always something of interest and relevant for Evangelicals.” If you aren’t yet receiving this curated news summary, find it at…


You just might be surprised at some of the items they include.

4) TESOL Training in Asia. New dates set for 2018 and 2019

Get TESOL training designed for those in ministry and get it at a ministry budget. Asean Center for TESOL offers an intensive, five-week course leading to a TESOL certificate in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Get classes, community experience, and lots of guidance – and a certificate – all at the same time. And, in many cases, it’s cheaper to fly out and take this course than it is to take the same course in N.A.! Just visit…


or email

5) Where North American Missionaries are Sent (Might Surprise You)

This infographic by MissioNexus is worth the download…


Justin referred us to it this past week. Some of the results might surprise you. For instance, see if you can figure out the country that has sent the most longer-term workers (4 years or longer) from North America. : ) And — why would we have sent more workers to Central America and the Caribbean than to South America? Somebody went to a lot of trouble to make this. Thank you MissioNexus, especially to the folks who collected all the data in this “Mission Handbook” deal. (And thanks again, Justin, for bubbling this up to us.)

6) Has Someone Hidden Your “LAMP” Book Under a Bushel? Order Here.

John, a faithful Brigada participant, has purchased the rights to sell these faithful and effective one-of-a-kind guides for language and cultural acquisition (including the now classic “LAMP” book). The Brewsters became the spokespeople and curators of a “new way” to learn language. These books have since helped thousands enjoy language learning — and become more effective at it as well. Find out why here:


7) For USA Users: Mobile Passport better than Global Entry?

It just might be. Justin sent this in an email this past week…

With this mobile entry app, you click through a few questions, receive a QR code, hold the code to a scanner, and actually (likely) beat the Global Entry people out of the building!

We remember hearing about this previously, but it wasn’t accepted in very many airports at the time. Now that it’s accepted in 24, it would for sure be worth it. Let’s check it out and report back here (on the web or app version comments). Thanks for any insights you gain.

9) Read about the “Last Christians” and Pray for the Persecuted

In his book, The Last Christians: Stories of Persecution, Flight, and Resilience in the Middle East,” Andreas Knapp records stories that are vivid and, in places, brutal. He writes true stories of torture, rape and death of Christians. In fact, it can be rather painful just to read them. But it is the resilience as well as the suffering which stand out in this account. One of the most important elements of this book involves the parallel drawn between the attacks on Christians as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing which have been taking place over the past several years in Iraq and Syria with earlier massacres, especially the aforementioned events in Anatolia in 1915 in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire. In this latter narrative, one of the surprises encountered is the complicity which the German government had at the time with the events in Turkey. In both cases, though Knapp presents several modern accounts in which Muslim people stood with their suffering Christian neighbors, there are many other situations described in which even friends ignored or were complicit with ISIS in the horrors visited upon Christians.

The author notes in his introduction that the views expressed in some of these stories “may not be entirely politically correct, but they are correct in the sense that they are authentic: they bear the indisputable stamp of ‘victim authority.'”

10) Membership (in MissioNexus) Does Have its Privileges

I admit, one has to be selective about which associations and clubs to join. But MissioNexus continues to step up its game, making significant contributions in writing, researching, reporting, and fostering collaboration. For example, in a recent article on the MissioNexus website, Kurtis Amundson wrote about children and youth. Find it here:


Of course, if you aren’t a member, it might not have seemed very helpful. But if you were a member, you’d learn that “In the West, the actual amount of time our churches have with our kids is very small. With the busy, scheduled lives of kids these days, it’s only getting smaller. It’s been estimated of the 113,880 hours in a child’s life between birth and 13, the average kid consumes a minimum of 25 hours of media a week, for a total of almost 17,000 hours. In retrospect, even if a kid spends 2 hours a week at church every week, the church still gets less than 1,400 hours.”

We rest our case. : )

13) We’re Grateful For…

…a $25 gift from a long-time Brigada reader. God bless you for your faithfulness!

Want to partner with Brigada to speed the day of his reappearing? Just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!

14) The Last Bit: Writing from the Road Increases my Respect

I’m (Doug) on the road, writing my part of this edition of Brigada from East Africa tonight. It has poured rain much of the day here. The internet is spotty. And slow. Downloading a PDF sometimes resembles waiting for a pot to boil. I pretty much have to go start on the next item because, if I sit there and watch the little bar graph crawl its way across the bottom of the screen, one centimeter at a time, I can easily begin shaking my head in disbelief: How can my fast internet back in the USA seem so… “average” to me? I regularly hit around 100 MBPS in Louisville. Here, on the road in East Africa, I’m lucky to hit .68. Back at the house, graphics just zip. Here, I’m so thankful for a clean Brigada page with no ads. Have I become an internet snob? Of course, it doesn’t help matters that the electric was off for half the day yesterday, or that we haven’t had any water here for the past 7 hours. So — whether that means not being able to flush the toilet, or whether I’m already thinking of the fact that I have to be ready for my next flight tomorrow at 7:30am (with no shower or shave), the bottom line is, these are not new problems. Many of our Brigada readers LIVE like this. One worker here worked for 4 years living in a thatched-roof hut with no hot water at all… in fact… no *PLUMBING* period nor electricity EVER. Yikes.

Of course, I’m thankful for blankets. And I’m grateful for the shower I had YESTERDAY. It was even hot!

But should I confess that my town is one of two towns identified first for Google fiber, citywide?

Sigh. Please forgive me. Times like these inspire me to deeper and greater respect for all those workers who REGULARLY work off internet with these speeds. I’ll try my best to be grateful — and not careless in my attachments. I’ll also be very thankful if you choose to read Brigada. And we’ll stick to our guns, with no ads, and a clean page. We appreciate your service to unreached peoples, the church, and to God. May He bless you in a special way tonight.

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