1) Have you read Stubborn Perseverance yet?

Stubborn Perseverance stands alone in telling the story of the kind of multiplying movements that have been growing and multiplying exponentially over the past 25 years. These movements have turned 45 million people from unreached people groups into disciples in rapidly multiplying small churches, equipped and motivated to multiply at least ten times faster than the global Church. Read more about this at

http://MultMove.net/astonishing-progress or in the Mar/Apr issue of Mission Frontiers: http://MissionFrontiers.org

If you have already read Stubborn Perseverance, the authors are offering a free print copy just for completing the brief (currently 10-question) survey at


If you haven’t yet read Stubborn Perseverance:
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– Or get 2 for 1 from Amazon (buy a print copy and get the Kindle version free):


Then complete the survey to get another copy for free!

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