7) For USA Users: Mobile Passport better than Global Entry?

It just might be. Justin sent this in an email this past week…

With this mobile entry app, you click through a few questions, receive a QR code, hold the code to a scanner, and actually (likely) beat the Global Entry people out of the building!

We remember hearing about this previously, but it wasn’t accepted in very many airports at the time. Now that it’s accepted in 24, it would for sure be worth it. Let’s check it out and report back here (on the web or app version comments). Thanks for any insights you gain.

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  1. Rick McArthur Reply

    I’ve had this app for a while now. It won’t be much use unless you have data or wifi access, as you have to get through Immigration within 4 hours of inputing your trip/arrival info. I have been able to use it on the last 3 trips into the USA and it has resulted in getting through Immigration between 10~20 minutes—even in Miami! I would highly recommend this app.

    • David White Reply

      Helpful to know. thanks Rick!

  2. D Reply

    I am a Global Entry user and use it regularly. Most often its in Detroit but there have been a few other airports too. I find it hard to believe anyone gets out of the airport faster, though I’m open to being proven wrong. Maybe it’s true – if you live in one of the arrival airports, but let’s face it, most of us have a connecting flight to our final destination.

    Don’t forget that Global Entry also includes TSA PreCheck so even though getting through customs may be easier you still have to go through the screening process to get into the airports and/or make a connecting flight. There’s still room for improvement here, but I’ll take the plus of Global Entry just for that perk.

    If you don’t travel a lot, than this is definitely a great way to go.

  3. Brian Hogan Reply

    This is wonderful! We were just going through contortions trying to get my wife a Global Entry interview (tired of going through separate lines and delays) and this is so much cheaper and easier. I will just let my Global entry expire and use this app from now on.

  4. David White Reply

    I have been a Global Entry user for about as long as it has existed, and I think the TSA pre-check and the border pass for coming in from Mexico on land are the best parts of it. I plan to test the new app on my next trip for comparison. I also often travel with my wife or other non-Global Entry people, so this will be less awkward.

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