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2018/03/18 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Curious About the Next Missio Nexus Mission Leaders Gathering?
2) Free Web Event To Help Ministries Develop Innovative Cultures
3) Looking for Help Talking to Your Muslim Neighbor?
4) What’s It Like to Minister in a Muslim Context? (the Course)
5) Legacy Conference is Coming to Dearborn, Michigan
6) Pray for the IMB as They Seek A New Leader
7) Mission Trip Packing List
8) “Strangers in the Kingdom” Book Can Help with Refugees
9) Looking for Content for Your Next Short-Term Missions Trip?
10) Use “My Heart Christ’s Home” to Transform Your Life and Others
11) We Love These “Multiply” Pages that are Springing Up
12) Speaking of George Patterson — His Message Rings Here
13) Having a Hard Time Remembering that Resource in a Past Brigada?
14) The Last Bit: Marco Polo App — How Will they Monetize it?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Curious About the Next Missio Nexus Mission Leaders Gathering?

It’s set for Sept. 20-22 in Orlando, Florida and it promises to bring the latest in global strategies, mission finance, mobilization, training, short-term missions, and helps for local churches. As always, one of the highlights of Missio Nexus is the networking. In fact, they proactively plan for some two dozen networks to gather during the event itself. Not that long ago, we decided to hold our annual gathering of mission org CEO’s at Missio Nexus so we could “kill two birds with one stone.” We were able to meet at the event while taking IN the event. Maybe you would want to consider doing the same. Missio Nexus makes it easy. They’ve chosen an easy airport/city for such a gathering (with zillions of cheap rental cars, meeting venues and activities). Plus, if you register 4 participants, you get your own registration for free! Learn more at …


3) Looking for Help Talking to Your Muslim Neighbor?

Maybe try putting a “COMMA” in your sentence.
In this case, however, “Comma” stands for “Coalition of Ministries to Muslims in North America.” COMMA is a collaborative network of Christians in ministry to Muslims in North America. Their purpose is to promote and enable a movement to Christ among Muslim people in that entire region. They want to educate, equip and motivate constituents by networking, collaborating and resourcing. Learn more at…

They have testimonies, books, DVD’s, tracts, and more.

4) What’s It Like to Minister in a Muslim Context? (the Course)

Now you can find the answer to that question via an online course, April 2-May 11, 2018. It seeks to provide you with an accurate understanding of the worldview and practices of Muslims around the globe. These new insights will result in a framework to confidently, effectively and lovingly minister the gospel to the Muslim heart and mind. Learn more at…

(And by the way, we learned about this course from COMMA. See the item about COMMA above.)

5) Legacy Conference is Coming to Dearborn, Michigan

The latest Legacy conference is coming to Dearborn, MI, on May 31- June 2, 2018. Legacy is a biannual conference that mobilizes and equips the Church to reveal the love of Jesus Christ to Muslims. This three-day gathering features plenaries, breakout meetings, and Q&A sessions hosted by some of the most respected and prominent leaders in the field of Muslim evangelism, including Mark Durie, Jay Smith, Georges Houssney, and Amani Mostafa. This year, they’ve added a “Biblical Missiology Pre-Conference – A Consultation on The Issues and Approaches in Bible Translation.” It begins the day before Legacy and is free for all Legacy attendees. This meeting will be a consultation and strategy session on how to proceed in the field of bible translation, including discussion about forming a new Bible Society based on biblical principles and linguistic accuracy. To register go to:


6) Pray for the IMB as They Seek a New Leader

This past week, we were catching up with our good friend at IMB research when he shared the above prayer request. Maybe the news won’t come as a radical surprise to you as it was to me? It seems that David Platt is ready to migrate back to the pulpit. Christianity Today announced it last month…


We always knew Platt was a powerful preacher. I guess he must have decided that was his highest calling. Either way, please pray for our thousands of cross-cultural workers and administrative friends at the IMB, as they seek a new leader.

8) “Strangers in the Kingdom” Book Can Help with Refugees

We’re hearing great things about the book by Rupen Das and Brent Hamoud, “Strangers in the Kingdom.” It asks why God cares for the displaced, presenting biblical, theological, and missiological foundations for ministries to those who have been uprooted from their homes and all that is familiar. Learn more at…


(Thanks Leslie!)

9) Looking for Content for Your Next Short-Term Missions Trip?

Try a piece like “The Freedom Skit.” No lines to memorize in a foreign language, yet the actions convey a powerful message. If you didn’t believe it, just listen to the crowd reaction in Nicaragua.


For instructions on this drama, just visit…


Looks like one of those deals that’s easy to do an average job — and challenging to practice it enough to do an AWESOME job. Try it. Be sure to send us a link to your finished product! Thanks to the people at Missions.Me for teaching us how to do this! : )

12) Speaking of George Patterson — His Message Rings Here

Of course, speaking of George Patterson, one of the easiest ways to see his incredibly extensive library of thoughts and teachings is to click to…


where good friends of George have captured his legacy and built on it in an ever-widening pattern. See this material also at…


George Patterson did an AMAZING job in Honduras and his impact is still being felt today. We looked him up not long ago and he was still writing materials for active movements. Thank you Lord for such great apostles.

14) The Last Bit: Marco Polo App — How Will they Monetize it?

I have to admit — I’m hearing more and more about it. This app took off virally in Sept. 2016 and has been steadily growing ever since. It’s kind of like video voicemail. You can record and send a video to a friend and he or she can choose to watch and answer now — or later. Yes, it can have its own share of spammers. And yes, it reminds you of Snapchat. (One writer said it’s like “Snapchat for old people.”) Of course, as with all these apps, “Buyer Beware.” The app essentially won’t work until you release its fangs on your phone’s entire contact list. For this reason (I’m morally opposed to the idea), I installed — but haven’t used it. You can SKIP the screen instructing Marco Polo to access all your contacts and send them to the Marco Polo servers BUT if you do, you apparently can’t do anything but wait for someone else to message you. (Seriously — the app is DEAD unless you relinquish control to your entire address book.) In my case, I know several people who would just as soon keep their identities (and their phone numbers) secure. But Marco Polo verifies your phone number during sign-on. So I’m wondering — how will they monetize this app? There was ZERO privacy agreement during sign-on. So … maybe the way they monetize it is … sell the largest verified list of phone numbers in history to the buyer with the most bucks? I don’t know… and neither do you, for sure, because they haven’t revealed it. But — if sending a video voicemail is your thing and you want to do it in social networking form with individuals and groups without paying a dime (up front) [and if you don’t mind selling out your entire set of friends and everyone you know], then maybe Marco Polo is for you? In my own case, I’ll pass. Thank you very much. Available for both Apple and Android. For example…


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